Switching to Apple – Cool Mac Tricks Every Novice User Should Know

Switching to Apple – Cool Mac Tricks Every Novice User Should Know

Planning to switch to Apple?

Apple’s introduction of their new 16-inch MacBook Pro got many people hyped about it. Upon its release, people saw how Apple improved their devices. This caused the MacBook Pro to get enough positive feedback to persuade others to get it.

Among these are PC users looking to experience Apple products for the first time. Even if they like it, they end up switching back to PCs because they think it offers more features. What they don’t know is that there are also some cool Mac tricks hidden in their Apple products.

All they need is a tip to let them know about the features a Mac has. To help you realize what your Mac can do, here’s a list of the cool features it has.

Switching to Apple - Cool Mac Tricks Every Novice User Should Know

1. Run Windows on Your Mac

Running Windows on an Apple device may seem sacrilegious to some, but it’s a great way for new users to ease into their Macs. Most people feel lost when they’re using the default Mac operating system. Installing Windows, which is possible, allows them to browse their new devices one step at a time.

This is a great way for new users to realize the other capabilities of their new devices. They can also run Windows without overshadowing the original MacOS. This is for them to get used to the OS at their own pace.

2. Intuitive Touch Gestures

What’s great about the MacBook is that you can operate it with ease even with no hardware to control your actions like a mouse. This is because the MacBook and other related devices have an intuitive trackpad.

These pads have a better read on the gestures you perform than any device available on the market today. Their sensors are more sensitive to pressure. This allows users to be more precise with the gestures they want to do.

It also makes it easier to perform multi-gesture actions. People often had problems trying to zoom in or scroll up and down with the touchpad. These actions are much easier on the touchpads of Apple products.

3. On the Spot Unit Conversions

Users often go to the Internet to convert units to another form of measurement. This made it hard for them to perform conversions on the go or when they were offline. Apple products don’t have this problem.

This is because Apple logs the last known conversions of any unit of measurement. This means converting from the metric system to the imperial system isn’t a problem on the Mac. If you want to get a more accurate conversion for money, though, you need the Internet.

You can also do all these conversions on a dedicated app on Apple devices.

4. Appoint Tasks Through Voice Commands

Apple released this feature when it launched the Sierra operating system in 2016. This made it possible for users to appoint their Macs to perform certain tasks with the help of Siri.

Apple worked on this feature and improved it for future devices. They also released updates for older devices and operating systems. This means you can use this no matter what Mac version you’re running.

This feature allows you to communicate what you need to your Mac. It can perform simple tasks for you, such as saving documents or deleting files in a specific file location.

5. Forced Picture-in-Picture Function

Many video-playing websites don’t have a picture-in-picture function. YouTube is a great example of a website that doesn’t allow you to view their videos unless you open it on another window. These windows still disappear if you perform actions on anything outside the window.

This makes it hard for users to view the video while they’re working on something else. When you’re on a Mac, though, you can force the picture-in-picture function on a website even if they don’t support it.

The video you then force this feature onto becomes a floating overlay. You can pin it in place to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere while you perform other tasks outside the window. This makes it easier for you to follow instructions on how-to videos.

6. Sign Contracts Without Printing Them

Most businesses send documents and other files to other businesses through emails nowadays. These documents are often documents that need their signatures. This is a common occurrence if 2 businesses are collaborating.

You can sign them while in their digital form when you’re using a Mac. All you need to do is drag the document to the draft you’re about to send. You can then add your signature through the intuitive touchpad or by pasting it from a clipboard.

Doing this helps your business save on printing costs. It will also help you reduce the carbon footprint your business leaves.

7. Screen Self-Diagnosis

hidden feature in the MacBook Pro is the Flexgate, as Apple calls it. This is a sensor that tells you how you’ve been using the screen of your MacBook. This is an important feature, as the screen of a MacBook Pro also carries important wires such as the one that allows it to have a functional display.

The sensor tracks factors like the tilt angle of your screen. It then takes the data it collects and shows you how you can take better care of the MacBook’s screen. This helps users make sure their screens don’t incur flaws while they’re using it.

8. Fast and Easy File Sharing

A convenient function for Macs is the quick share feature. This is great for people who have a habit of sharing media they find on the Internet to their close friends.

What’s great about this feature is that it keeps track of what you send to whom. This then helps you by presenting the people above others when you share certain media. It will make sharing even faster than it was before.

9. Remote Screen Sharing Features

Facebook and other contacting software have a feature that lets users share what’s happening on their screens. The only problem with these is that they have a blurry display. It’s because the devices can’t handle showing a live video stream of their screens.

Macs and other devices can handle the task. This gives them the innate software to share screens. You can still have high-resolution displays when screen sharing on other websites.

As long as it’s an Apple device, you can expect a clear display on the other party’s screen. You can even use the camera without interfering with the live feed’s resolution. There’s an issue with the Facebook camera, though.

Facebook’s camera software sometimes displays nothing. You can fix this with ease, though. Learn how to fix camera on Mac not working issue here.

10. Add Easy-to-Read Annotations

PDFs are easy to read and are the main way people consume readable content today. The problem with them is they’re hard to update once they’re uploaded to the Internet. Mac’s ability to add annotations makes this a non-issue.

You can add text and images when you send a PDF to anybody. The added customizability is a powerful tool to provide comments on the PDF. You can also use the feature to correct the information on the PDF.

11. Unique Image-Editing Software

Editing images is important for digital marketing today. Making images fit a small space is important for e-commerce. Businesses often do this with the help of Photoshop and other applications.

The problem is that these are premium software. When it’s a Mac, though, you can edit images and other media for free.

Mac’s image-editing software can rival the capabilities of Photoshop. It also has an easy learning curve for people who have difficulty with technology.

12. Making Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Tech-savvy people love using keyboard shortcuts. This enables them to work faster and perform certain tasks in an instant. These people will love that they can create custom keyboard shortcuts on the Mac.

These are among the cool Mac tricks that you can make use of the most. Going to the System Preferences allows you to create your custom keyboard shortcut. You can set the key combinations to any specific action you choose.

This will increase your work efficiency and make it easier to maintain your workflow.

13. Contacting Through Your Device

Apple devices are famous for having a network service unique to their users. The user can install a sim card if they want to have a way to contact the area’s local network. Regardless of the network they use, you can do so through the Mac.

This makes it easier to compose your SMS messages with the help of a keyboard. You can also take calls and voice messages of the Mac. This is the reason for installing microphones on your Mac is a great idea.

You can listen to calls and voice messages through your device. Answering calls is also easy with the help of a microphone. This provides you with a convenience that you didn’t know was available.

Learn About These Cool Mac Tricks Today

Know these cool Mac tricks today and unlock the potential of your new device. Switching from PC to Mac will feel like the right choice if you know about these features. Make the switch today!

Of course, your Mac can do more than these tricks. You might not notice it immediately but Macs are also great gaming platforms. You can also rely on them for efficient video editing.

Looking for tips regarding these additional features? Read our other posts and walkthroughs today to learn more!

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