The Essentials For Working From Home

The Essentials For Working From Home

From lack of commute to not having to dress up, working from home has plenty of perks. More and more people have tasted the ‘working from home’ life recently thanks to the coronavirus crisis too.

When you first begin to work from home, be it due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other reason, there will be some adjustments that you have to make for your work from home lifestyle. On a bright note, the Covid-19 outbreak has made sure that you will not be the only one now learning how to work from home. You may even discover as many others have, that when you work from home, you will actually be more productive, at least if you can discover the best methods to work from home.

However, many people jump in with the belief that you can simply snuggle up in bed all day, Netflix blaring and the dog cosied up next to you. While we’d never say no to an office dog, there are a few changes you should make around the home to make sure it’s up to scratch as a workspace.

The Essentials For Working From Home

Fast Running Internet Connection

You can have all of the ‘get up and go’ needed to work from home efficiently, but you won’t get much done without decent WiFi. Before you start your first day working from home, check that your internet connection is functioning properly and can handle the work you’re doing. If you have to regularly download documents, install programs, or need to have a lot of tabs open, ensure both your computer and internet connection can handle it without slowing down by having a test run. That ensures no time is lost when you should be working and you can even out potential issues before you start, rather than afterward.

A Quiet Working Space

As tempting as it may be to chill out in bed all day, this is far from productive. Step away from your PJs, get up at a normal time and head for your home office. Whether you have a desk slotted into the corner of your living room or an entire spare room to play with, a quiet dedicated working space is key to limiting distractions. If you don’t have any other option but to work from your bedroom, set up a screen behind your desk so that you aren’t distracted by your surroundings.

Multifunctional Printer

You never know when you have to print off an essential document for filing or scan an image for a client, so having your own printer is vital. It’s very rare that you find an office without a printer and having one of your own ensures you don’t have to put off essential tasks. Make sure you keep stocked up on toner that is compatible with your printer or your practical machine will be rendered useless.


Cloud Storage

If you work with colleagues on projects or need instant access to a number of documents they may also be working on, cloud storage is the tool for you. This type of program allows you to access said documents from any computer, anywhere in the world while collaborating with colleagues. Examples include Google Drive and Sync, both of which are highly secure and private.


Meetings are an essential part of business life, regardless of if you work at home or in an office. However, working from home can bring a lot of noise from family, pets, and neighbors, all of which can easily be picked up from a laptop or computer microphone.

Ensure your Skype meetings and online conferences remain professional with a noise-canceling microphone headset. They help block out surrounding noises as the microphone is closer to your mouth, ensuring your voice can be heard above all.


By ensuring you have all of the above before you get started, your working days are sure to fly by. Protection Status

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