Who doesn’t know about the ubiquitous fabric necklaces – lanyards – these days? Whether a university student, a football coach, a resident doctor, or a marketing manager, lanyards are used by people from all walks of life. Lanyards with id cardholders are considered a part of the school and work uniform in some organizations and have become a formal accessory.

Lanyards have infinite uses; as a marketing tool, key holder, identification solution, and a free giveaway in fundraisers and seminars. However, with so many producers competing in the market, buying the right product from the right brand can be difficult. We bring you in this review, an exceptional lanyard brand whose high-grade products have repeatedly proven that quality is their mark.

Brand Speciality

4inlanyards manifestly aims to help you wear your identity with the utmost confidence. Perfect for every professional and individual out there, the brand has an array of lanyards, attachment clips, badge holders, and ID cases, in different materials and designs. You name it, they have it, and hence it would not be an exaggeration to call their website a “lanyard user’s heaven.”

The brand maintains a professional and user-friendly website that has an immense variety on display. With so many styles of lanyards, bearing intricate patterns, and an extensive color selection, the brand specializes in providing variety to its customers. Shopping at their online store can never be deemed boring.

Product Style, Quality, & Features

A flawless combination of affordability and quality, the brand’s lanyards and id holders are unique products that guarantee safe identification to the customers. Their lanyards allow the wearers to go about their work freely without worrying about losing their ID or any other card that is of paramount importance. The following features of their id cases and lanyards make them a standout:

Lanyard style – As already mentioned, the options are endless with this brand. Hence, you get diversity in the style and material of the lanyard you want to buy. They offer sublimated, nylon, polyester, woven, and blank lanyards (with no imprint).

Material and Size –  The superior-quality material used to make lanyards is light-weight and soft and does not chafe the neck skin. Different sizes are available; a lanyard can go up to 1inch in length – sizes are customizable, and you can specify your preferred size in their comments section.

Color, Design & Imprint – Here comes the fun part, there is an incredible color collection available,  ranging from a tranquil teal to hot pink, and soothing lavender they offer monochrome lanyards in over twenty shades. From bright tones to light, subtle hues, they have quite a palette at hand. They also provide up to fifteen artsy designs that are original and vibrant due to the dye sublimation technique used.

Wait, there’s more! The team allows its customers to provide their artwork or brand name/logo to be imprinted on the lanyards, they work on the draft within twenty-four hours and start production only after you finalize it.

Attachments & Up-grades – The variety just doesn’t end. They provide different attachments for a single clip and open-ended lanyards, some of them are free; including a thumb trigger, a J-hook, and a keyring style attachment. Additional features such as detachable buckles and phone attachments can be ordered, but they charge a small amount for that.

Card Holder –  You can add the cardholder –  the very reason for your buying the lanyard in the first place – at the spot. The ID holders are available in different materials, leather, aluminium, plastic, and even silicone. You can also use these cardholders to keep your membership and ATM cards, and tickets. The sturdy material of the holders ensure visibility and effectively protects the card inside from scratches and damage.

Delivery Date –  While placing the order, clients have complete liberty of deciding when exactly they want the purchase at their doorstep. The brand never disappoints in this area, either, for the goods are always delivered as per the commitment, making them our favorite lanyard brand.

Final Word

From navigating to placing the order to finally receiving the delivery, the brand strives to provide the utmost comfort and ease to its customers. 4inlanyards sell quality, sturdy ID holders, and lanyards at a meagre price. Whether its material quality, the aesthetic appeal of the pieces, or their practical design,  nothing less than a five-star rating can be awarded to their designer lanyards. If you need to buy a lanyard for an ID display, look no further, check out their website, and enjoy the experience.