The success and efficiency of business development in office centers and public places also depend on the cleanliness of the premises. It contributes to an increase in customer flow. That is why the demand for cleaning services is growing and making this type of business profitable. Is it worth a try? All basic questions will be answered in this article.

How to Start?

Starting such a business should be done with market research. Over the past year, the portfolio of orders for cleaning services has changed. The owners of office premises began to organize a general cleaning less often. Orders from construction companies have almost disappeared. However, demand remains stable. Market players mostly focus on the private sector. Today, every tenth resident of a large city regularly orders such services. These are usually middle-class and wealthy people.

Based on the research results, choose the segment in which you plan to work. Then, it is time to decide on the list of services and their cost. Experts say: in order to start a business, it is enough to choose three basic services and purchase the relevant equipment such as a commercial steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, etc. Later, you will be able to expand it. The most demanded tasks in the market of cleaning services include general cleaning of the premises, post-construction cleaning, dry cleaning of carpet and upholstered furniture, window washing.

How to Make a Name?

The credibility of the company, the customer base, and the further success of the business depends on the quality of cleaning. Finding professional cleaners is actually harder than it sounds, so it is better to educate your own employees.

This can be done through specialized courses and workshops. You can get training in vocational training centers or at free seminars that are regularly held by companies selling equipment. To begin with, two or three employees are enough. Market participants do not recommend expanding the staff to more than 15 employees, because it will be difficult to control them. 

Making Your First Profit

The profitability of business from the conventional cleaning services is 10-15%, and from specialized ones – 35-40%. With high-quality work, you can fully return your investment in six months. Market players point out that a popular service – window cleaning – is seasonal. Therefore, it is recommended to start your own business in spring when the demand is high.

In Conclusion

The opening of a cleaning business is characterized by a minimum entry threshold and low monthly costs. With a well-formed offer, you can get a decent monthly net profit. Cleaning as a business has certain risks, but their impact can be minimized by the correct organization of business processes. Constant work with personnel, a system of bonuses, good equipment, and correct marketing strategy will help you always remain at the top.