5 Techniques For A Better Golf Swing

5 Techniques For A Better Golf Swing

Golf has a worldwide appeal to sporting fans, both to those who love to play it and those who enjoy watching it. Its history spans hundreds of years and famous names in the world of golf over the years include: Peter Alliss, John Henry Taylor and Harry Vardon and more recently, Nick Faldo, Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy.

As with any sport, practice makes perfect and it takes years of commitment and experience to become a golfing champion. If you are keen to improve your golf swing technique, here is some advice that will help everyone from newbies to pros.

1. Exercises

There are specific exercises that you can do to help to improve your golf swing, whether you are a novice or a pro golfer. Lateral side lunges with rotation, golf squats, medicine ball lower truck rotations and standing cable rotations are four of the best exercises you can do to improve your swing. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking golf is a low-intensity sport, as improving your physical conditioning will also help to boost your technique.

tiger woods squating for more power

Tiger Wood’s head dips as a result of squatting he then pushes up to create power.

2. Swing Techniques

It is vital to work on the technique of your swing in order to get to the next level and one of the best things to do is work on what is known as a “one-piece takeaway”. The aim is to get your hands and body to work together in perfect sync as this will help you to have more control of the club. You begin by practicing to move the club with your chest and shoulders, rather than your hands as this will help to produce more power and consistency.


3. Use Different Equipment

You will need to be familiar with everything in your golf bag from your irons and woods to wedges and putters, as well as a range of handy hybrids. Different clubs are used for different shots and a standard set of golf clubs consists of 14. Learning which clubs to use to get the best trajectory is something that only comes with practice and time.

4. Improve Your Putting

Playing a great round of golf isn’t only about chipping the ball out of a bunker or hitting it further than the eye can see. Once you are reunited with your ball, you need to be able to get it in the hole! This basic skill is something that many advanced players forget to practice but it is essentially the most important part of a game. After all, if you can’t put it into the hole – you won’t make it to the all-important 18th hole.


5. Play On Different Courses

Courses vary in what techniques you need to employ, how much power you require with your shots and the various obstacles ensure you have to learn how to get around different courses by using different practices. Golf courses are usually grouped into three types, namely:

  1. Who can access them
  2. The size
  3. The design

Royal Melbourne Golf Course Australia

Try to spend time on 18 holes courses as well as nine and don’t worry about your buggy as long as you have decent batteries from suppliers like www.puredrivebatteries.co.uk, and par three courses are a great way to give yourself a consistent aim with each hole. Also play some rounds on courses with lakes, trees and bunkers to further enhance your aiming skills.

Golf is not only a fantastic sport to watch, but it is also fun to play and is a great source of exercise whether you get out on the green every day or just when the whim takes you.

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