Sensatia Botanicals – Male Grooming Products Reviewed

Sensatia Botanicals – Male Grooming Products Reviewed

Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals was founded in 1999 on the island of Bali. The business is run as a profit sharing cooperative from its humble beginnings till now. From the very beginning Sensatia Botanicals has been dedicated to producing 100% natural products; incorporating a very holistic, organic approach, with a strong love & connection with the land; “Old Bali” style. Its product development is to use fresh, 100% natural, basic ingredients you know and understand, ingredients that you might find in your mothers kitchen. With this in mind, you will find all of its raw materials to be fresh, wholesome, gentle, and good for you.


Sensatia Botanicals Shop in Ubud Bali

Coconut and Vanilla Facial Scrub

MenStyleFashion headed over to the Sensatia Botanicals shop in Ubud to review some its products. I started reviewing some of its facial products and there is no better way to start of with a facial scrub. A facial scrub removes dead skin cells and also removes clogging of the skin including blackheads and whiteheads. Sensatia’s Coconut & Vanilla Scrub gently exfoliates the facial skin and the essential oils replenish important nutrients. The result was that my face looked fresh and my skin looked youthful again, to keep it that way I would recommend doing this routine 2-3 times a week.

Sandalwood Dream Facial Toner

With my skin freshly exfoliated I went to the next step by allying the Sandalwood Dream Facial Toner. For those that don’t know about toners they are used after cleansing to remove traces of cleanser & tap water,  toners help balance the skins pH and nourish it with beneficial plant actives. Sensatia’s Sandalwood Dream Facial Toner is like a fresh island breeze filled with sandalwood, mangosteen, rose and palmarosa, and yes it did smell this nice. The result of using this toner left my face clean, calm, cool and refreshed. You can use this toner anytime you like, whenever you feel to freshen up.

After-Sun Dream Cream

As I had already spent a few weeks in Bali and exposed my skin to the harsh sun, my next step was to apply the After-Sun Dream Cream on my face. This product is not only for your face but for your whole body, but as I was focusing on my face this is where a tested it. Sensatia’s After-Sun Dream Cream only uses the finest, most healing, raw materials under the sun. This cream contains vitamin and mineral packed vegetable base oils and pure African shea butter. This is combined with  essential oils from lavender, rose geranium and Roman Chamomile as these have sunburn healing qualities. My skin felt soothed, cooled and nourished exactly what you expect of an after-sun cream. This cream can be your everyday moisturizing cream even when you are not exposed to the sun or wind.

Coffee And Cacao Brown Sugar Scrub

After finishing my facial routine I wanted to test one more product in Sensatia’s range. My eye fell on the Coffee and Cacao Brown Sugar Scrub. This almost sounded like my daily coffee drink. This scrub is a thick rich scrubby paste which easily can be rubbed into all parts of the body. It rinses off clean, is non-greasy and is perfect to liven up sluggish skin. This scrub has corn starch to help absorb perspiration and African shea butter to protect, moisturize and increase the skin’s elasticity. I applied this scrub to my arm and hands and noticed the skin feeling soft and having the beautiful smell of coffee and cacao.

Where to Buy

You can buy this range of products and a lot more in Sensatia’s shops in Bali, which are located in Ubud and Karangasem. In September 2015 Sentatia will also open a new flagship store in Seminyak.

All products can also be ordered online at and come with worldwide delivery.


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