5 Things Gentleman Do For Women When Walking Out Of The Door

5 Things Gentleman Do For Women When Walking Out Of The Door

They say that chivalry is dead. However, there are certain things a man is expected to do if he wants to be called a modern-day gentleman.

Being a gentleman is an ideal that should be upheld because it simply means that a man has good manners and knows how to treat a lady. Some of the guidelines for gentlemen don’t just refer to how they treat a lady but also how they treat people in general.

Any person and any man, for that matter, should treat other people with respect. If you are a woman dating a man, you should expect him to behave in the utmost gentlemanly manner. The way a man behaves will help you gauge his attitude and character, and judge whether they are worth dating or not.

The following are the five things every man should do when you walk out your door:

1. A Gentleman Takes Care Of You When Walking Out The Door

  • A gentleman opens the door for a lady

All women and girls should be treated in a gentlemanly manner. Opening doors for women is not a sign of condescension but a sign of respect, courtesy, and deference. When it comes to revolving doors, the proper etiquette is that the man should allow the woman to enter first. The same principle holds true for riding in cars; the man should let the woman enter first and ensure that the woman is entering the car from the curbside to avoid accidents. A man should also check that the woman is safely settled inside before closing the car door.

  • A gentleman walks closest to the curb

When you are walking on the street, a man should make sure that he is the one walking closest to the curb. Streets can be rather busy and dangerous, as there will be speeding cars, debris and other things to watch out for. Gentlemen walk closest to the curb to protect you from all these unwanted elements and ensure that you are safe every time you step out with them.

5 Things Every Man Should Do When You Walk Out Your Door

3. A Gentleman Has Good Behavior During A Date

A man must be well-groomed and adhere to the best behaviour from the very first date. Smelling your best is necessary as well as having good clothes to leave a favourable impression on your date.

  • A gentleman offers you his jacket

If you are on a date with a man and you forget to bring your jacket, it is important for the man to offer you his own. If you are feeling cold and the temperature is low, it is certainly expected that a man will offer his jacket to keep you warm and protect your health.

  • A gentleman offers to pay on the first date

If it is your first date, a gentleman should offer to pay the bill. A woman may decline his offer though and volunteer to pay 50/50. In this case, there is no harm if the man agrees. However, if the man is the one who insisted on having the date in the first place, then the unwritten rule is that the man should pay for the entire date.

  • A gentleman sticks around for a few drinks even if the date is a failure

A date may turn out to be a disaster, or a man might find that he does not have a lot of things in common with his date. Maybe sparks just didn’t fly, and he knows in his heart that there won’t be a second date. However, this is no reason to be rude, and he should still stick around for a few drinks and initiate a conversation to ensure that the date will remember him fondly and hold him in high esteem.

  • Offers the seat with the best view

Upon arriving at the restaurant, a man should give his date the seat with the best view. Gentleman aim to please, so they always give the best to their dates.

3. A Gentleman Is Punctual

When going on a date with someone, it is absolutely crucial that a gentleman must be on time. A lady shouldn’t be kept waiting because it can be particularly uncomfortable if they are waiting alone in a meeting place.

4. A Gentleman Rises When Their Date Enters The Room

When a woman enters a room, a gentleman should stand up as a sign of respect and acknowledgement. A man should also rise when a woman exits a room. During a meal, a man should also get up when a woman excuses herself to leave the room. It is advisable to stand up fully as opposed to partially because this gesture is a sign of respect for a woman.

5. A Gentleman Helps You Be Seated And Gives Up Their Seat For You

A gentleman should help you be seated when you are at a restaurant or in a public place. This gesture shows concern for the welfare of a woman. Likewise, in public transportation such as trains, a gentleman should give up his seat for a woman.

Final Thoughts

5 Things Every Man Should Do When You Walk Out Your Door

Common courtesies of a gentleman should be maintained in modern times. Respect and acknowledgement of a woman show that a man has a good attitude and character. How a man treats a woman is indicative of how a man would treat other people, such as colleagues and superiors. Being polite and respectful is basic decorum that should be maintained at all times between the sexes.

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