5 Tips on Suiting Up for This Year’s Grand National

5 Tips on Suiting Up for This Year’s Grand National

If you’re headed off to see your favourite horse win at this year’s Grand National, you’d better be sure to back that bet with a style that’s sure to portray confidence in the face of the high rollers.

While dressing for success during racetime is certainly intriguing, you can add to the experience by taking a personal interest in the actual races. To do this, you can stay up to date with the latest news and information surrounding the event. For instance, online sports hub Betfair related in a recent article that new favourite-to-win Teaforthree could place for the second consecutive year as a top weight-adjusted timeform jumper. Interestingly enough, he wouldn’t be the second horse to do so in the past decade.

So, if you’re planning on betting on these expensive competitors, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect ensemble for your next winning event, from top to bottom.

1. Find a suitable hat

Even if you’re just not a hat person, like many, a simple bowler goes a long way in showing you’re up-to-date with the trends at the tracks. Be sure to pick a color that follows a simple rule of thirds with your belt and shoes, even if the hue is ever-so-slightly different. Don’t be afraid to tweak your wear-style and cock that thing at an angle. Bring a lil’ heat and show them your serious with a few tips on how to rock that hat.

2. The neck, decorate it

Whether you decide to go with a tie or bowtie, be sure that it impresses and is a prominent display of your matching prowess. For selection, you can check out ideas from Express and TheTieBar for options sure to complement your coat and pant choice.

For those feeling a little more with the times, the cravat will provide a progressive and comfortable decor that is sure to exceed the fashionably conservative.

3. Suits: go for salience in a different way

Now that your head and neck are taken care of, proceed with a subtle eye into the world of the suit. There will always be that flashy guy in an outrageously patterned suit to contend with, but subtlety is the key with the suit. Choose a soft color that makes our accented items thus far pop, and save your bling for the accessories.

J. Crew will definitely have a comfortable option for you, as their materials are always durable and their selection and pairings immense.

4. Let that belt hold up more than your pants

For the dignified, the perfect belt will certainly be seen and it will hold up more than those classy pants you’ve chosen. Your considerations here are color, band material, and material/shape of the buckle. For instance, you can keep it rustic, bringing an old-world flair to your present-day race with a big, round brass buckle and natural leather band. Otherwise, you can opt for the progressive with a simple black (or hat/shoe-matching) band and simple omni-metal buckle promoting efficiency, sure to look sleek.

For options, give Brooks Brothers and Express a good look around.

4.5 Suspend disbelief with a chic pair of suspenders

Say you’re going to be taking that coat off a lot, not planning to stick it out outdoors for the race. Perhaps then you’ll want to nix the belt and take your suspenders for a stroll. If that’s the case, follow that same hat/shoe rule of thirds and you’ll be golden. For ideas, visit TrafalgarStore and TheTieBar for snappy options.

5. Put your best foot forward

Last on this list but most certainly not least is your shoe choice. For this section of the ensemble, don’t forget to keep following that simple rule of thirds with your belt/susp/hat, and be sure they’re event-appropriate. That means low-rise and able to be properly shined, or lace-able and made of a down, velvety material.

The best options here are to give Aldo and Etsy a shot.

Now that you have your look together and have picked a favourite bet on, go ahead and check your calendar, fill it out with events, and hustle, hustle, hustle!

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