Ladies Day at the Grand National – What Men Should Wear?

Ladies Day at the Grand National – What Men Should Wear?


Ladies Day at the Grand National is Not Just for the Ladies

The Grand National is right around the corner and this means two things: horses and fashion (not necessarily in that order). On Thursday, 9 April, all eyes will be on the Grand National Festival, as people gather at Aintree Racecourse to see and be seen. While the first day of the festival is always horse-centric, the second day, also known as Ladies Day, is when the fun really begins. Fashion and style will be front and centre on Friday, although we think the day’s name is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, the lovely lasses are out in full force; but what about the lads? Fashion and clothing are important to the blokes, too, and we’re here to point them in the right direction.


While “elegance” should be the guiding light of Grand National fashion, in practice, the ladies – and quite a few of the men – often miss the boat on that parameter. This is the first year Aintree will offer a ‘style guide’ for race goers, but a little common sense can go a long way, as well. ‘The Style Code is fairly light-hearted,’ the event organisers say, ‘but we want race goers to really embrace it and cement The Crabbie’s Grand National Ladies Day 2015 as the best dressed event in the racing calendar.’ In other words, outlandishness and buffoonery will get you noticed – but is that really how you want to be remembered?

Leave The Jeans And Shorts Home

So, first, leave the jeans and shorts at home and opt for a pair of chinos, corduroys, or dress trousers. These days, the slimmer the cut the better – baggies just won’t do. You don’t have to don a suit or a tux to up the refinement level, but a light-weight blazer can spiff up an outfit without being overly formal. If this all sounds a smidge conservative, you can have a little fun with your necktie to liven things up. The overall look, in other words, is sophisticated, tasteful, and stylish. This isn’t Halloween, blokes, so leave your fancy dress in the closet.

Chinos and blazers (1) Chinos and blazers (2)

So have a great time at Aintree this year. Look your best and you’ll feel your best. And don’t forget the races! If the crowds at the betting windows are overwhelming, you can even bet on your favourite horse on Grand National Opening Day at William Hill website. You never know – you could pocket some change for next year’s outfit! Protection Status

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