5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Style For Your Bespoke Suit

5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Style For Your Bespoke Suit

Don’t get discouraged, if your wardrobe does not have a decent collection of bespoke luxury suits. This write-up will assist you in making the best choice from colour material, shape and other relevant parameters. The questions like what to wear and how to choose will become easy. So, let’s begin:


The major shades for the bespoke suits sydney are black, grey, blue, brown and grey-blue. In winter, wearing dark colour and in summers light colour suit are considered as the best choices. With this, every color has its own importance. So, making your choice depending upon the event boosts your personality. For example, black is universal and can be chosen for any special occasions. Blue suits to the manager’s position, as it brings respect and authority. Brown is good if you want to inspire your subordinates. Among all, the most versatile color is grey that suits the everyday occasion.

Fashion has a scope, but every style is not suitable for everyone. Like if you have the slim and tall physique then checkbox or cells will be suitable. On the other side, for the fat and short people stripped will be great.



The major cost of the suit depends upon its material used. Therefore, while choosing a suit, its fabric composition needs special attention. The right choice of fabric makes you feel comfortable and confident in all events. Here are some tips for you:

For Winter Suits

In winter, 100% wool or cashmere is the best choice. If you find “virgin wool” for the suit, this means that the fabric is made of wool that has not been recycled. The best suits fabrics are known from Australian or New Zealand merino wool. These are labelled with SUPER. The most valuable woollen fabric is made from the pile of wild vicuna which is used for high-value bespoke suits.

For Summer Suits

Summer suits are made from mixed fabrics such as wool with cotton, wool with flax (8%). The wool used for them is formed from the thin thread, therefore, it is called as “cool-wool”. With this, the fabric is also formed from modern synthetic materials that need less creased and deformed. This also makes the costume more durable.

David Gandy three piece suit


The lining should be made of thin and smooth fabric. If you want your suit for some specific occasion, you can go with one of the expensive material i.e. natural silk. But, it has a major drawback that it can stain with sweat. Therefore, many people prefer to go with viscose, cupro, acetate, or a mixture of these materials. As these are highly hygroscopic, soft and durable.

Types of Suits

The bespoke suits can be single-breasted or double-breasted. Single-breasted jacket suits are the universal choice, as these look great on any figures. As a rule, a single-breasted jacket is fastened with 1-2-3 buttons. On the sporty male figure, the fitted single-breasted suit looks good.

Again, double-breasted jackets are returning to men’s fashion. But, these models will suit only to tall and slim physique people. If overweight and short people opt for this style, it will be enough to make them visually heavy and shorter.

While choosing a perfect fit suit, it is desirable to pay attention to size and height. So, it is important that the jacket must be of your size and well sat. You do not have to rush as it is an expensive outfit and will serve you for many years. So, make your choice wise with two cool suits than five cheap and low-quality suits in your wardrobe.

Jacket Size

Choosing the right jacket size play an important role to boost your personality. There are many minor and major elements that one needs to be aware to form perfect look. Here are some tips for your help:

  • When choosing a jacket, pay attention to the lapels of the collar. They should fit snugly. Your suit must sit flat on your shoulders. There should be no horizontal or vertical folds between the shoulder blades.
  • The sleeve of the jacket should end on the outer bone of the wrist. Remember that the shirt should peek out from the sleeve of the jacket by 1-2.5 cm. Too long or short sleeve will create the impression that the costume is from someone else’s shoulder.
  • The middle button of the jacket should be at the level of your navel. However, using the location of this button, you can visually adjust the length of the legs. If the button is positioned slightly higher, the legs will appear longer.
  • The bottom of the elbow seam on the sleeve ends with a slot and fastens with 4-5 buttons. Some mods specially unbutton 1-2 buttons to demonstrate that the costume is made according to tradition.
  • A classic jacket should cover the buttocks. The bottom of the jacket should be parallel to the floor. So, pay attention to the slot at the back, it should not diverge.

Perfect Shape Pant

In classic style width of men’s trousers should not be more than 3/4 of the length of the shoe. Recently, narrowed pants are in fashion as they make the figure visually lower. While visiting the tailor to sew your bespoke suit, pay attention to the arrow on the pants.  it must be held strictly in the middle of your knee, otherwise, the legs will seem curves.

The length of the pant should be such that it form small folds in the front by dropping on the boot. The back side of the trousers must be 1.5-2 cm longer than the front. Recently, cropped trousers have come into vogue that demonstrates socks, but this is an amateur.

Bottom Line

The perfect style bespoke suit is the ultimate choice to stand out of the crowd. For this, if you feel comfortable with the stitched option, it will be good. Otherwise, opting the tailored suit will give you the unmatched quality of style formation. Here, you also get the benefit of fabric to accessories choice that complements your personality.

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