9 Cool Piercing Ideas To Try This Summer

9 Cool Piercing Ideas To Try This Summer

Body piercing has been a fashion trend for decades. A stunning piece of body jewelry can completely transform your look in a matter of seconds. Today, body piercings have also become an effective form of self-expression. And when it comes to picking styles, there are a number of options to choose from. From an ear-piercing using a classy hoop to an eyebrow piercing using a chic barbell, the new trends are unlimited.

Listed below are 9 one-of-a-kind body-piercing jewellery ideas to try this summer:

  • Create a Sassy Look with Eyebrow Piercing: One can never go wrong with an eyebrow piercing. A good piercing can add boldness to your look and make you feel sexy. You can choose a straight/curved barbell, hoop, circular barbell or a twisted spiral ring for your eyebrow piercing. The best jewellery for an initial piercing is a 16 gauge straight or curved barbell made of high-quality 14k gold, 18k gold or titanium. For those who love the look of high-quality body jewellery, a gold eyebrow ring is the best idea.
  • Add Gorgeousness With a Beautiful Nose Piercing: Many women love safe nose rings as they look great and enhance their beauty. And when it comes to picking nose piercing jewelry styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can go for a simple pin post or nose bone or can try a safe nose ring or a faux hoop ring.
  • Hit the Outdoors with a Sexy Belly Piercing: Summer is a perfect time to flaunt your belly in style. So, before hitting the beach or pool, make sure to get your belly piercing with a sexy belly ring. You can get it done with a simple curved barbell, a non-dangle ring or a twisted spiral belly ring. For women who love diamonds, choosing a diamond belly button ring for their navel piercing would be a great idea!
  • Add Uniqueness With Ear Piercings: Ear piercings are very common these days. However, one can add uniqueness to their look by wearing one-of-a-kind ear jewellery. Snug piercing, rook piercing, and the double lobe piercing can make you look different and stunning at the same time. you can go through cartilage piercing guide to get more ear piercing ideas. You can try plug earrings or ear gauges, these ear accessories that really stand out


  • Display your Bold Side with Tongue Piercing: If you want to flaunt your bold side, then wait no more and get your tongue pierced. A typical tongue piercing is done with a 7/8-inch gold barbell or 14-gauge high-grade titanium. If you are comfortable, you can choose from styles including midline tongue piercing, under-tongue piercing, horizontal piercing, tip-of-tongue piercing or side tongue piercing.
  • Flaunt your Playful Side with Lip Piercing: Lip piercing is a common form of body piercing. It can completely transform your look effortlessly. Well, there are many lip piercing styles to choose from. Go for Monroe or labret piercing for a celebrity look. For something unique, select from styles such as Dahlia, Jestrum, Medusa, Spider Bites, Snake Bites or Shark Bites.
  • Make your Eye Area Attractive with Bridge piercing: In Bridge piercing, piercing is done on the upper bridge of the nose. This type of piercing can be achieved with a surface bar, a straight barbell or a captive bead ring.
  • Draw Attention to Your Neck with Collar-Bone Piercing or The vampire’s kiss: Collar bone piercings are a great way to draw enough attention to your neck. Also, the vampire’s kiss has been a great fashion trend among women. This look is generally achieved with a surface bar ornamented with red gem stones to make the piercing look like blood droplets.
  • Stand out from the Rest with Nipple Piercing: Not only women but males too opt for nipple piercings to make their nipples look beautiful and sexy. If you are about to have your nipple pierced, choose from barbells, rings, nipple shields, dangle/non-dangle rings or nipple clickers at Boelry

So, get ready to challenge your inner diva with these unique and stunning body-piercing ideas. Make sure to select high-quality body jewellery to make your piercings last long.

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