Cement your garage’s status as the home’s “man cave” by making sure it’s well-equipped and ready for any DIY urge that might strike. Whether some urgent car repairs come up or you’re a dab hand at making your own furniture, we have formulated a list of our top five tools for any project you take on.

Inspection Lamp

Good lighting in essential if you’re doing work in your garage. After all, you can’t fix something if you can’t see it properly! That’s why an inspection lamp (with a long extension cord preferably) is an essential tool to help you peer into all those dark nooks and crannies when you’re fixing your car for example. It’ll make it much easier to diagnose a problem when looking into your engine bay or if you’re underneath your car looking up into the brake calliper.

5 Useful Tools Every Home Garage Should Have

Jack Stands

Another useful item to keep in your garage that will help with car repairs is a set of solid jack stands to safely support your car. Having this proper kit handy will help to keep you safe when you’re working on all the important components under a car, whilst also allowing you to check and ensure the best vehicle safety and performance too.

5 Useful Tools Every Home Garage Should Have

Pressure Washer

You won’t quite believe how useful a pressure washer can be until you own one. It can quickly clean the outside of your entire house, your driveway, your car, your garden gear (like a lawnmower), your decking and your fences. It can even wash away the toughest of dirt, like oil stains or grease in your garage.

Investing in a pressure washer can help you save money on expensive cleaning bills whilst also being a great time-saver you could probably clean your whole driveway in just ten minutes!

5 Useful Tools Every Home Garage Should Have

Power Drill

A versatile tool that’s designed to drill holes and drive screws at incredible speeds, you can build furniture, construct a shelf or put up a curtain pole with your trusty power drill.

With all power drills, you can attach various bits to it to match whatever screw you need or change drill bits to allow you to safely drill holes into things. This could be a masonry drill bit for stone, brick or concrete, a spade bit to drill a large hole in wood, or a hole saw to be used on plastic or wood – the possibilities are endless.

5 Useful Tools Every Home Garage Should Have

Tool Kit

A good all-rounder for any DIY project that you have lined up, a full tool kit complete with air tools can be incredibly useful. You can choose from air ratchet wrenches, air blow guns, chisels, screw bits and air compressor kits that are the ideal addition to your home workshop.

Get your garage all stocked up with this five easy-to-maintain, affordable and, best of all, useful tools that will upgrade your status from a DIY rookie to a home improvement expert.

5 Useful Tools Every Home Garage Should Have