Before rushing out of the house every morning, do you spend a minute thinking about the crucial accessories you will need for the day ahead? Or you simply grab your phone and keys, thinking you are fully prepared to face any situation. No, the right approach is to take a few seconds to equip yourself with the necessary accessories that will prepare you to face anything that befalls you.

So, if you have to select only 7 accessories, what would they be?

A stylish man understands the importance of more delicate details and accessories that make him stand out from the crowd. To help you choose the right accessories, we have curated the list of must-have accessories for you.

7 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

1. Watch

SDC watches OceanRider

SDC watches OceanRider

The first and foremost important accessory is a good watch. There are endless choices ranging from a metal to a leather dress watch. However, the most important thing is to own at least one good watch in your wardrobe.

When you wear a watch, it makes a subtle statement and leads to compliments.

Select a watch that perfectly fits your day-to-day styles and can be worn time and again. For instance, a Rolex watch won’t be a good option for you if you work on a building site.

So, invest in a good watch and wear them more often.

2. A pocket square

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the best way to add a different fabric, print, or colour to a blazer or a suit. Typically, wearing a blazer or a suit jacket will be plain. However, the pocket square injects much-needed colour contrast, whether a charcoal grey or navy blue blazer.

We would recommend you invest in a few different colours of pocket squares. However, do think twice about your style as well. Whether or not you will be wearing a pocket square?

So, the best practice is to invest in a white pocket square initially followed by a little bit of colour one.

3. Leather bag

Mont Blanc Leather Bag

In any instance, do not overlook the importance of a good leather bag. You might have witnessed stylish men but with a rucksack backpack.

So, invest in a high-quality leather bag that is highly practical and will look elegant as well. In addition, they make your outfit look more elegant, and you no longer have to stuff your pockets. Simply keep all your everyday essentials in this bag.

4. Sunglasses

Serengeti Eyewear - Fashion And Lifestyle Trends

No matter the weather at your place, you must possess a good pair of sunglasses for holidays and the winter sun.

We recommend you to invest in high-quality, by this, we don’t mean a branded one, but, yes! Good quality sunglasses. It will ensure that you don’t need to buy new pair of sunglasses every season.

Most often, the impact of a good pair of sunglasses on your overall look is underestimated. But, don’t compromise on this accessory. It is all you need to look stylish alongside hiding tired eyes from the last night.

5. Wallet

wallet crocodile leather

Imagine you buy someone a drink and pull out your cheap fabric wallet. Trust us; it will not go down well.

The focus should be on quality. So, you can keep the same wallet for many years. In addition to a wallet, invest in a cardholder as well.

6. Contact lenses

contatc lenses

Undoubtedly, there are limited options for men to accessorize fashionably. But, the importance of contact lenses as an accessory is often overlooked. However, it is the best way to transform your usual everyday look instantly.

And today, you can do this easily as the market experts offer varied convenient solutions. For instance, optometrist Melbourne extends the high-quality education and fitting for a contact lens alongside their specialized assessment and discussion of your eye health with you.

7. A tie

men wearing tie

Even when most days are casual, own a few good-quality ties for formal occasions.

We recommend you invest in classic coloured ties or the ones that can inject some colour into your outfit. Even a silk tie looks very stylish and can offset other fabrics.

Alongside the right tie, give attention to the knot as well. Keep in mind that finer details count as a wrong knot, or a dimpled tie can let down your entire look.


So here we have our top 7 must-have accessories for every man. Of course, there exists an extensive range of accessories. But, these are some of the must-have ones.

Therefore, invest in good-quality accessories and get-all-prepared to take on the world.