Being an entrepreneur means that you’re always in pursuit of the next great idea to implement in a business. Not only to create monetary value for a company but also to target a specific company in a determined industry and look to invest in it.

The times when gold was thought of as the best investment you could make are far gone in the past. Now there are hundreds of startups making a big impact on the market and thousands more that will follow the same path of growth.

So, what better time to look for the next “unicorn” or get inspired by the following business ideas that are thriving this year.

Wearable technology

Wearables have grown in popularity with the rise of amateur athletes and thanks to the developments of technologies giving mobile devices each time more applications and capabilities.

Companies like Fitbit or Apple with the iWatch have had amazing success in the wearable industry but there’s one company in particular that has been focusing on a fitness tracker band for sports lovers, and they’re changing the rules of the game.


Whoop is a company from Boston, USA, founded by Will Ahmed in 2015. His vision was to have a band that measures in detail many aspects of your daily life such as sleep, recovery, and strain. These are data points that are very important for athletes and even more for professionals in the sports sector.

The difference in Whoop is that the band hasn’t got a screen and you must watch every data collected on your smartphone. Players like Lebron James or Michael Phelps are among some of the best athletes to use Whoop, and some say that Lebron doesn’t even take it off not even when he’s on commercial duties, filming ads, or giving a press conference. Talk about making an impact.


Who would have thought that a pair of shoes would have such an impact on consumers?

But since Michael Jordan and Nike released the Nike Air Jordan shoes, the sneakers-mania has reached levels that we never thought possible.

Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard

Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard

And today, sneakers collectors follow closely every sneaker release to buy them as soon as they enter the consumer market, and just store them in their wardrobe hoping that the pair of sneakers sees its value increase in the following years.

Online platforms such as Rally Rd. have professionalized the collectors’ activities by offering the chance to invest in such sneakers. Now you can have a share in a determined pair of shoes, like the ‘Kobe Bryant Twos’ that were divided into 17,000 shares for potential investors.

Better choose wisely your next set of sneakers, and make sure to keep them clean and tidy!

Online gaming

If you knew where gaming could have taken you back in the days, perhaps you would’ve set up a training schedule to hone your skills like professional gamers do these days.

Online gaming has reached such a level of popularity that it has become an actual sport. Esports as they’re called have become completely professionalized, with actual teams to play for, international competitions followed by thousands of spectators in arenas, and millions of fans online and through actual TV channels.

But the success of gaming doesn’t limit itself to console gaming but also covers the iGaming industry, with online platforms such as Vegas Online Slots that offer casino games in their digital version. The success of games like online roulette, where players can bet and win real money has proven to be a big triumph for game developers that have taken advantage of technological evolutions to offer their games on mobile devices and multiple options of payments. It was never so easy to enjoy the best of online casino entertainment from the comfort of your home.

Classic and luxury cars

Did you ever think it would be possible to own an actual Ferrari or perhaps a classic Ford Sierra Cosworth?

Well, thanks to platforms like The Car Crowd now you can invest in luxury and classical cars and become a shareholder of some of the most legendary car models of all time.

The Lancia Fulvia Italy's Most Elegant Classic Tuscany 2021 Italy

The Lancia Fulvia

Classical cars in particular have appreciated their value in the past years to as much as 190% of their value for some models. The nostalgia factor plays a big role in these kinds of ventures as cars have become precious items for collectors.

The possibility of investing in a luxury car doesn’t only mean that you get to have a certificate of part ownership of the car, but can even travel to The Car Crowd headquarters and actually touch the car you invested in.

What better to have your car being looked after in a sort of museum.