7 Awesome Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

7 Awesome Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

As a man, you have to take care of yourself. Personal grooming is essential if you want to stay healthy and build yourself. Looking good gives you the confidence to go after what you want. People will also take you more seriously because you look approachable.

Keep Your Hair Short

A man should look good from head to toe. If your hair is too long, you should trim it. Long hair can be hard to maintain especially if it’s not your thing. Find a good barber near your area to make the journey less stressful. If your barber is close, you won’t have any excuses for not trimming your hair. Keep your hairstyle simple and practical. You don’t want people to stare, especially your office colleagues. You should also keep your hair moisturized and oiled to avoid frizz. Find a hair product that is compatible with your hair texture. Read the label to find out what the product does. There are also hair products for men with a bald head.

Take Care of your Teeth

Apart from your hair, people also pay attention to your teeth. To avoid embarrassing moments, use COCO LAB products to whiten your teeth. White teeth make your smile brighter and more inviting. People will be comfortable talking to you because they see you as a guy that knows how to take care of himself. You should also brush after meals to get rid of the food that’s stuck in between your teeth. Don’t forget to floss to get rid of those particles that your toothbrush can’t reach.

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Maintain your Beard

If you have a beard, you should take good care of it. Use beard products to keep it moisturized. You should also trim your beard when it starts to look frizzy. An unkempt beard can be your worst nightmare. It can become itchy and very uncomfortable. Buy a good beard trimmer to cut your beard correctly. If you’re going to shave, make sure that you apply shaving cream.

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You Should Smell Good

A man should always be mindful of those around him especially when he’s in a public place. Some men will argue that they don’t smell. But don’t be naïve. Unless you have a rare genetic disorder, your armpits are going to get sweaty and smelly after a long day outside. Before you leave the house, apply an antiperspirant or deodorant. If you sweat a lot, you should go for an antiperspirant because it closes the sweat glands and prevents sweaty armpits. If you’re not a heavy sweater, use a deodorant to mask the smell. Don’t use too much cologne because you will choke people with the smell. Just use a little bit. Also, find your signature smell. It’s good to have 2 smells that define who you are.

Take Showers Everyday

Then you go outside, you expose yourself to natural elements. The dust and polluted air settle on your skin. When you arrive home, you should take a warm bath to get rid of all the dirt and protect your skin. The best item for this kind of work is a loofah. The coarse texture is perfect for exfoliation. However, loofahs need maintenance. Never leave the loofah in the bathroom because it can pick up bacteria from the hot water steam. You should also wash the loofah at least once every week with bleach. Replace the loofah after every one or two months because it wears and tears easily.

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Keep Your Nails Short

You should cut your nails regularly to minimize the chances of injury. You can hurt yourself unintentionally if you have long nails – you could poke your eyes. Your toenails can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi because of sweat. Use a pumice stone to remove callus from your feet. Clean in between the toes and wipe thoroughly when you’re done.

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Wear Fitting Clothes

The clothes that you wear should fit you perfectly. Try out the clothes before you buy them. Your jeans shouldn’t be too long. Get a regular fit. Choose shirts that fit your shoulders perfectly. The sleeves shouldn’t be too loose. If you can’t find clothes that fit you at the store, buy the one that seems slightly bigger and take it to a tailor for modifications. You can also do some home workouts to keep you fit and in shape always.

After reading this list, you have no excuse. A man must look his best at all times. Most of the things on this list are easy to do and only take a few minutes of your time. In fact, you can do all of them after you shower.

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