Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomasty

Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomasty

Tom Daley, British Diver

Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomasty

Male grooming is becoming more and more part of many men’s daily ritual.  They realise that in today’s world men are expected to make as much of an effort as their female counterpart! This fact is something that is becoming more evident in the world of cosmetic plastic surgery. In recent years trends are changing and male cosmetic surgery procedures are growing on a continual basis.

Such a procedure that has shown significant  growth in 2012 has been the male breast reduction or gynaecomasty. Recent figures released show a 38% rise in such procedures in 2012 in the UK alone and it is expected that 2013 will continue to show more increases in the number of these procedures carried out.

Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell

High profile celebrities such as Ricky Gervais who shot to fame with The Office and Simon Cowel, best known for The X Factor, have both been photographed with their “moobs” or “man boobs” on full display. The male body image is increasingly under scrutiny.

The London Olympic 2012 effect!  Also thought to have had an impact on the increasing attention drawn to this part of the male body. A summer of seeing all those toned male physiques could be partly responsible for such a dramatic increase in the popularity of this male cosmetic procedure in 2012!

Such an example is Tom Daley below – 2012 Olympic Diving Medal Winner

Tom Daley, Olympic winner for Diving

This male cosmetic procedure is a simple  procedure, with a short recovery time and one which can dramatically enhance the male body image.  Liposcution  to reduce the fatty tissue / Gynaecomasty -removal of gland & fat / Gynaecomasty + excess skin reduction are the options available.

Wellness Kliniek

The Wellness Kliniek  in Belgium, carries out such procedures on a regular basis and as a top rated clinic by various medical consumer organisations, is proud to be able to offer very competitive rates to its international patient base. In the Wellness Kliniek, Belgium, the procedure is performed under intravenous sleep sedation ensuring a shorter recovery time and allowing the patient to return home or to their hotel that same evening.  A major assurance is also that Belgium is not only easily accesible from all over Europe but highly regulates the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. Something for which the UK has been critised for in the past and is currently discussing introducing tighter regulations of the industry after the PIP breast implant scandal which broke last year.

Ricky Gervais and his mans boobs

Ricky Gervais also feeling the pressure

Simon Cowell and his man's boobs

Simon Cowell feeling the pressure

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