7 Fashion Essentials Every Man Should  Own

We all know stylish and fashionable men. And they always look so put together and with little to no effort. We have been watching them and have taken notice of what they all have in common. And have decided that if you have these essential items, there is no reason you can’t be just as insanely stylish too.

1. Ray-Ban sunglasses

The classic ray-ban wayfarer will stand the test of time and remain a classic staple in your accessories.

2. Patterned socks

Why not have fun with patterned socks. Roll up your pants and pair with a brogue or monk strap shoe and instantly you are stylish.

3. Leather belt

This is a no-brainer that every man should already own, but maybe an update is needed. The classic leather belt can be both worn dressed up and down.

4. Card case

Everything nowadays is leaning towards only carrying cards why not just carry a sleek card case and ditch the old wallet.

5. Skinny tie

The skinny tie is great way to instantly up date your look. Gives your style a revamp.

6. Rechargeable iPhone case

This is the only way to go this day and age. We are constantly on the go and do not want to be hassled with carrying a charger, this case is sleek and useful.

7. Monk strap shoe

This shoe is by far the best shoe to own. It also can be dressed up or down and look great with many looks.


Essential Men's Accessories