Are you working in the medical profession and you want to show some style with the perfect men’s medical uniform? Look no further than our selection of stylish and comfortable uniforms! Whether you’re a doctor on the go or in need of a new uniform for work, we show you a style that will fit your needs. From scrubs to white coats, we take a look at everything you need to look professional and stay safe.

Though traditionally focused on womenswear, the scrub fashion industry has not left male wearers behind. Quality men’s scrubs boast just as much creativity and detail as those made for women. Many may assume such apparel to be lacking in fit and style, but this is oftentimes not the case.

Searching for the right medical scrubs for men can be a daunting task. This guide will provide insight into what to consider when selecting a scrub set, with a focus on factors such as materials, color and style, guaranteeing a durable yet stylish pair of scrubs for men that are sure to last.

Considerations to make when selecting scrubs for men

In contrast to the more conventional pants adorned with zippers and belt loops, many scrub pants typically employ a less stringent waistline. However, there are some exceptions such as Carhartt’s ripstop cargo pants – these come equipped with belt loops for greater adjustability. For enhanced flexibility and adaptability that accommodates even the most dynamic movements – it is typically preferable to utilize a drawstring or elasticized portion of the garment.

Carhart rip stop belt loop pants

Scrub tops with short sleeves are a popular choice for medical professionals, however, long sleeves under scrub layers can provide additional comfort and flexibility. Layering is ideal for when the air conditioning is working overdrive, allowing medical staff to adjust their temperature accordingly. Lab coats and zip-front jackets, like a Dickies Jacket or the short-sleeved Cherokee scrubs, can bring a personal touch to any work uniform.

Cherokee scrub top

Cherokee scrub top

When selecting medical uniforms, pockets and storage are essential considerations. Individuals can decide whether they prefer a single-pocket top or one with multiple pockets, as well as the number of pockets desired on their scrub pants — typically two side pockets or multiple cargo pockets.

When selecting a scrub set, it is important to consider one’s personal style when it comes to colour and pattern. Solid tops are generally a safe choice and meet most dress codes, while prints can be an appropriate option for adding a bit of flair to an outfit.

Select High-Quality Materials For Your Scrub 

High-quality materials are key in achieving an optimal work uniform – one that not only meets regulatory requirements but also makes the wearer look and feel good. Specifically, quality scrubs should be made of fabrics that provide flexibility and breathability in necessary areas.

Keswi’s scrubs are crafted from a superior combination of polyester, rayon, and spandex. The polyester is exceptionally resilient and resistant to creasing, eliminating the need for tedious ironing and providing convenience for frequent washing and drying.

Rayon is an ideal material for medical scrubs, providing breathable comfort and moisture-wicking properties. It ensures the wearer stays comfortably dry during long shifts. Additionally, the addition of spandex offers added flexibility that does not restrict movement, even in strenuous medical procedures.

When you select spandex as the material for your scrub pants you will get four-way stretchability with superior durability to provide maximum comfort and longevity. Their ideal weight ensures a snag-free experience without the risk of overheating. You can also select scrub jackets from spandex to get the same stretchability benefits for the upper body.

Dare to add color

Selecting scrub colors can be a task left up to your unit regulations, but at times you may have discretion in picking out your own. Uniform Advantge has a wide selection, with a total of different colours available and this is for solid tops. Yes if you dare or the dress code allows it there are adventurous printed tops, some of which are great for medical personal working in children’s departments.

rinted scrubs from Cherokee

Add some flair with a printed scrub from Cherokee

Select the Right Scrub Sizing

Ensuring a proper fit for your scrubs is critical to achieving an effective professional appearance. Too-long pant legs can lead to tripping over the hospital bed, while sagging scrub tops can make it difficult to keep working across it while preventing any unfortunate contact with its sharp needles.