Synthetic Fibres – The Rise of the Pleather Jacket

Synthetic Fibres – The Rise of the Pleather Jacket

Now let me preface this article by saying that I am not against faux furs and faux leather. However, what I have noticed is that most high street stores are now opting to use only synthetic materials yet still charging a premium price.

Synthetic hides and leather are a great way to make these styles of clothing more affordable. However, if high street stores are charging a premium price for these synthetics it may be a better option to go for the real thing. In terms of value for money and longevity, a good leather product should last you for quite some time and many leather products only get better with age.

Kent and Curwen

With autumn on our doorstep now is a perfect time to invest in leather products such as leather jackets as they provide a stylish and durable alternative to the winter coat.  Kent and Curwen showed a great range of leathers earlier this year at their LCM A/W 14 show, look out for their release onto the market.

So the choice is down to you, do you go for the cheaper but less durable option or the more expensive but long-lasting option? Let us know what you prefer.

Kent Curwin 2014 Pleather Jacket Green (2) Kent Curwin 2014 Pleather Jacket Green (1)

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