Accessories Tips – That Suits Your Fashion

Accessories Tips – That Suits Your Fashion

No outfit is complete without accessories. Though it can become very difficult to know which accessories match with what outfits. There are new trends that come out every year as well as new fashion tips and tricks. Except, you do not have to follow every new trend that comes out. If you are at a loss at what fashion does suit you, then try them all! Accessories are like wedding dresses, they might look pretty from afar, but until you have tried it on you will not know what suits you best. Accessories can become pretty confusing too, with their many colours and shapes so we’ve provided a guide to find the accessories that will harmonize with your style.

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Bohemian style comes from the unconventional and artsy. So, your style revolves around your free spirit and avant-gardist nature. Some accessories that suit the bohemian style are:

  1. Woven handbags – especially since each woven handbag will be unique,
  2. A layered necklace
  3. Felt hats
  4. Unconventional earrings – can be woven as well
  5. And large sunglasses, usually from the 50s and 60s era.

The number one step you should take is to find inspiration from magazines or television. We usually flip through pages and pages of fashion books without really taking the accessories into consideration. Accessories are everything from hats to bags to rings to anklet bracelets. An accessory is anything that is deemed as an extra unessential item, but sometimes accessories can really be essential in upgrading your look. So really take everything into consideration and try to imagine yourself wearing the same items.


The vintage style is not only about the regular ‘earrings and necklace’ accessories, but vintage style also revolves around clothes and makeup! So, first, you should pick out your clothes and your makeup – this includes your shoes. Some people consider shoes as an accessory, but they are an essential item in your vintage outfit. Here are some accessories that perfectly work for the vintage look:

  1. Vintage glasses – cat-eye sunglasses, or rounder ones usually worn by Audrey Hepburn
  2. Waist belt, coined as the “hourglass belt”.
  3. Lots and lots of pearls
  4. Hair clips – Don’t be shy with them to complete your pinup look


Accessories that have been very trendy and look good on most people include a couple of items. Mixing and matching sporty looks with casual items have been extremely trendy and casual, so wearing a cap with earrings or wearing a cap with jeans and a t-shirt can look great on you! There are even ways in which you can invest in wholesale cap options so that you have a wide variety to play with for different looks and print your own ideas onto them. Since the casual look is usually pretty laid back, over the top accessories are either sought-after or completely undesirable. If you are going for a basic look such as a black tee, jeans, and white sneakers, then opting for more accessories can seriously upgrade and bedazzle your look. Some accessories that can accomplish that are:

  1. A crocodile belt – in any colour
  2. Bejeweled hoop earrings
  3. Caps with quotes or emblems
  4. Colourful tote handbag
  5. Bright silk scarf

In some cases, your clothes can already be a bit over the top, to which there is absolutely nothing wrong, but you would not want to overpower your outfit with more accessories. Try to mix and match, if you have got a colourful full face of makeup, try blander or less face/neck accessories (hair clips, earrings, necklaces, etc.). Remember, if you are trying out new accessories, then don’t go for something that is super expensive. Try them out first, know your fashion style, and understand your undertones. Then when you are 100% sure on what trend suits you, invest in accessories that can really withstand style changes and unique colours, after all, accessories are something ‘extra’ that should really boost both your look and your mood! Protection Status

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