How to elegantly emphasize your luxury lifestyle and status? One of the best ways is to use smartphone cases as accessories, which help to express yourself. The point is that this kind of accessory is always at hand. Unlike other accessories, phone covers are inseparable from such important things as your devices, which are at hand all the time.

Today, it is impossible to imagine going out of your home without a smartphone. You need to stay in constant contact with your family, friends, and colleagues. So, your gadget is with you at work, in a gym, at a party, etc., just like the device cover is. Therefore, it is reasonable to pay special attention to the choice of a phone case.

First of all, you need to select a reliable provider of quality phone cases. If you are looking for a company with multi-year experience, a wide choice of offers, and first-class service, Labodet Store is exactly what you need. This French brand offers a great collection of luxury phone covers and such unique propositions as an alligator skin iPhone case.

Labodet Collection of Premium-Class iPhone Cases

The originality of this French brand is that it provides only high-class production; so, it belongs to luxury brands. The high value of the Labodet products is influenced by the unique style, the use of quality materials, convenient forms, etc.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Folio Case Alligator

Moreover, a lot of clients are allured by a great variety of case models. It is possible to find a device cover for any event and every look.

Besides the attractive shape and design, all presented covers are famous for their convenience and practicality. The Labodet production is durable and reliable due to the use of unique materials for its creation. Thus, the Labodet team offers you iPhone protectors made of the following leather:

  • Alligator
  • Crocodile
  • Porosus
  • Calf
  • Ostrich
  • Shiny alligator

All Labodet iPhone protectors are elaborated with the use of 100% genuine leather. Such original material assures stylish design and the highest quality of every phone cover. Natural leather is known as one of the most valuable materials due to its longevity.

How to Choose a Perfect Labodet iPhone Case

On one hand, a wide range of offers is very alluring because it allows considering different options. However, on the other hand, the selection process gets complicated because it is difficult to make a choice. Therefore, it is reasonable to use some tips on how to select a perfect iPhone case:

  • Determine your budget
  • Take into account the model and color of your device
  • Decide on your expectations from the cover (practicality, stylish design, convenience, protective function, etc.)

In addition, familiarize yourself with the whole assortment of products produced by the Labodet crew. The French company manufactures the following cover models:

  • Classic Case
  • Strap Case
  • Card Case
  • Pouch Case
  • Folio Case
  • Double Card
  • Double Card Case
  • Wallet with MagSafe
  • Crossbody Bag

Fans of classic and laconic styles will be satisfied with Classic and Strap models. They are created in the standard phone case form. Moreover, the Strap model has a benefit, which is a convenient hand strap. Such a feature simplifies the use of your phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Double Card Coloré Alligator

If you want to guarantee complete protection for your gadget, pay attention to Folio and Pouch samples. These models cover the phone’s back and screen, thereby making it be protected from any damages.

Crossbody Bag, Wallet with Magsafe, Double Card Case, Double Card, and Card Case are models that are more than just phone cases. They are useful multifunctional accessories. Their practicality is explained by unique designs, which include additional gaps. So, you can use your cover as a wallet or cardholder.