Anything But Square – Two Square’s Definition of Cool

Anything But Square – Two Square’s Definition of Cool

Anything But Square – Two Square’s Definition of Cool

Paris Fashion Week is riddled with the usual vets of the fashion game. Milan usually tries to spice things up with a few colors here and there. London aims for edgy. But most onlookers never really get a chance to see the threads of the runway transition to the street. In fact, venture into the tube in London or the metro in Paris and you’ll find an altogether different sort of fashion creature: the real urban man. Meet Two Square, a fashion line, born out of a collaborative idea between two blokes floating between London and Sydney (Steve Atkinson and Jeremy Remeeus) that really reflects the pulse of the active male. Nothing about their line suggests 7 hours in makeup and spritzer waiting to be lensed by a moody haute couture fashion photographer. Oh, the contrary.

Any active male in his 20s and 30s is bound to see himself staring back from the pages of Two Square’s killer lookbook.

Things I Learned

The things I learned from thumbing through Two Square’s closet are:

Men wear shirts – Vee necks, fitted tees, button downs, checked shirts, and sweatshirts all the same. And Two Square has got the male species covered. With the debut of its White Lines, the lads unveil some top gear running the color palette of deep navy, ecru, and black with gold and light blue interspersed throughout. One of the standouts is the Easy rendered in a “sloppy joe” knit skate cut. This cotton-polyester long sleeve number comes in blue marl and black and could be easily seen on the back of a skater busting moves in the park, a hipster chilling with the mates at a cafe, or any cool sort of bloke in between the lines of definition. Another is the Stoked button down. Wear this button down Gingham mix shirt and all comers will be stoked to be seen with you. The front bears a stunning pattern in white and blue with an extra panel down the left rib cage. It’s not Two Square’s first time at the rodeo with this urban cowboy head turner.

Two Sqaure Look Book 2014 (3)

Men rock trousers – In the case of the White Lines season from Two Square, men rock two very special brands of trousers: the Lo and the Downlo. The Lo is a cotton drawcord pant versatile enough for the rugged types who put in some manual labor as well as the refined types who’ll be headed to the club in the evening. If looks could kill, this is a sawed off shotgun, rendered in dark khaki and bronze. Its hot cousin the Downlo is a cotton chino pant with a watch pocket for anyone keeping track of time on their bling piece. It comes in deep navy and looks ready for the city lights.

Two Square trousers

Men revel in jackets – Bomber jackets, parkas, and hoodies galore populate the pages of Two Square’s fashion war plan. No man is an army. But in Two Square’s Drafter, he certainly comes close. This hooded parka comes in black and has a nylon outer shell and polyester lining. It cuts one heck of a silhouette on the lucky man who wears it. The Orbit comes in pewter and is a quilted cotton jacket and every bit of the sort of beauty lads wear when out with the mates come rain or shine, sleet or snow. It’s warm and masculine, and sporty enough for those cold days out on the playing field. And lastly the Uptime bomber jacket is a vision to behold. Bomber jackets are like royalty in the kingdom of male fashion. The uptime is all kinds of urban regal, coming in two panels of fern and coal with a full cotton shell and polyester lining. Where do you wear this? Anywhere you want.

Two Sqaure Look Book 2014 (2)

And there you have it. Two Square is certainly the coolest kid on the block right now when it comes to menswear.

Two square

Two Sqaure Look Book 2014 (4)

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