Phillip Lim – Amazing Autumn Winter 2013 Menswear Collection

Phillip Lim – Amazing Autumn Winter 2013 Menswear Collection

Philip Lim

If there is to be one person responsible for raising the bar for men’s collections this week, then we take our hat’s off to designer Phillip Lim. He has taken traditional elements of clothing for men and created comfort-wear with an immense sense of style. This collection is definitely for men seeking style and originality. We are so digging the rockabilly twist to this collection! The beauty of this collection is that you can tap into your existing wardrobe and mix and match as you see fit.

Who is Philip Lim

Phillip Lim (born 1973) is an American fashion designer born in Bangkok, Thailand, of Chinese parents. Lim co-founded and worked at the Los Angeles based fashion label Development from 2000 to 2004. In the fall of 2005, he co-founded 3.1 Phillip Lim with friend and business partner Wen Zhou, becoming the company’s creative director. Lim has garnered both critical and commercial success with his eponymous line. The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Lim the 2007 award for Emerging Talent in Womenswear for his work at 3.1 Phillip Lim. In 2012, he was awarded the Council’s Swarovski Award for Menswear.

Camouflage Prints

Nothing new to the catwalk but the texture, colours and design just look funky, edgy and damn right cool. Team it with an existing black top from your wardrobe and you have an up to dated look for 2013.

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 camouflage trousers

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 Block prints


From a bomber style to large or fitted jackets. One thing is for sure; it’s all in the detail. The angular cuts and usage of zips is why these jackets are going to fly off the shelf. Very wearable indeed and oozes comfort.

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 Brown,Grey &black

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 Block prints

Loving the shoes

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 Autumn Winter

Block Prints

Whether you choose the bold, black and white or the subtle blues, you’ll start a trend for breaking the boundaries of casual wear for the high street. Again just choose a complimentary top or bottom to balance the look.

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 Autumn Winter


This is taking the traditional gorgeous fabric to a whole new level. The detail in these jackets states pure elegance and would look great with anything including; chinos, jeans and cuff trousers.

Phillip Lim men's Collection 2013 pinstripe jacket

How wicked are these trousers? I’m thinking the stylish rider would look awesome in these.

Phillip Lim Men's Collection 2013 Pinstripe jacket

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