6 Must-Have Shoes for Men

Usually, men do not pay much attention towards selecting the correct pair of shoes. No matter how good and attractive your outfit is, a wrong pair of shoes can spoil the show. While shopping for shoes, the importance of it in creating your image is one of the most important things that a man should consider. A fine pair of shoes coupled with a fine dress would enable you to become a trendsetter. As we all understand that there is a difference in business conferences and Saturday night parties; similarly, there is a difference in formal shoes, sneakers, loafers, boots, and so on. Certainly, you would never wear sneakers in a business gathering, nor can you afford to wear loafers at a pool-side party. In a nutshell, different occasions demand different shoes, and this is what is elucidated in this read. Hence, below mentioned are six types of shoes that a man must have to look perfect on different occasions.


Sneakers are available in numerous sizes and shapes, and are commonly considered as work shoes for men. At the time when they go to do some rough work be it setting things around the house, early morning jogs or for the game of basketball, sneakers are the footwear that they need. Several types of designs are available in the category of sneakers. For instance, many sportswear giants throughout the globe manufacture sports snickers in order to serve more precise requirements of men engaged in athletic activity. Some of the major brands for men’s sneakers are Converse, Reebok, K-Swiss, etc.



All men need boots, be it for work or for the cold weather. Boots can fulfill twofold responsibility; make you look good at office and save your feet from snow. The significant factor that makes the boots must-have shoes for men is its durability. It can last for years, if used properly. Save these shoes from being worn down, and you can wear it for a long time in snowy climate. Keep an eye on the maintenance of boots and to a long extent it will pamper your feet along with giving you an elegant look. Some of the major brands for men’s boots are Sorel, Columbia, US Polo Assn, etc. 

Sandals are perfect for the warm weather. You may opt for Birkenstocks, flip flops or whatever type of a sandal you like. Putting up an open shoe is just right for the time when your feet become sweaty. Sandals dry faster than shoes. The openness of the sandals helps in keeping bad odor from dipping in. Hence, it is important for all men to have at least one pair of comfy sandals, specifically for those times, when you do not wear socks. Socks should never be worn with sandals. Some of the major brands for men’s sandals are Birkenstocks, Dream In Queen, Fluchos, etc.

  Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are perfect fit for everyday purposes. The best part is that these shoes can be worn after work, on the weekends and other such occasions. Casual shoes relax the feet and make it feel coddled. These shoes are just right for the off hours; therefore, if you are wearing formal shoes on your official trip, do not forget to keep a pair of casual shoes with you. Some of the major brands for men’s casual shoes are Yeta, PUERTO RICO, Brunice, etc


Let us suppose you are enjoying your lazy week-off and suddenly you get an invitation for lunch from neighborhood friend or cousin. Certainly, you will lack the time to put on a suit. Furthermore, you can’t afford to look as if you have got up from bed just the moment when invitation came. What will you do? The best choice at such time is to go for a lovely loafer. Loafers are the perfect shoes providing you a comfortable and chic look. Some of the major brands for men’s loafer shoes are Vagabond, New Rock, French Connection, etc


 Brogues and Wingtips

Brogues and Wingtips are highly admired by a lot of men around the planet. A Wingtip has a design of ‘W’ at the shoe’s front, and this is what makes it different from Brogues. Both Brogues and Wingtips are appropriate for several occasions. These types of shoes can be worn with casual as well as the formal outfits. This unique factor makes these shoes one of the handiest men’s shoes available in the market. One of the major brands for men’s Brogues and Wingtips shoes is Jeffrey West.

The above-mentioned shoes are the essentials in your collection. Never get scared of experimenting with different styles.