Velvet Suits – Tux or Trousers For Easy Elegance

Velvet Suits – Tux or Trousers For Easy Elegance

jonkorta jarena - tom ford blue velvet suit

Velvet Suits

Men’s velvet is a new trend. It has been a fabric of choice for the most fashion forward gentlemen for some time now. The current trends offer a classy clothes urban style for every lover of fashion and style. The image that velvet portrays is of refinement and elegance. The trend is highly selective and carefully chosen along with a selection of styles and accessories. This season, the collection begins by setting the atmosphere with vintage charm attached to the appearance and the clothes come in very masculine, clean and very stylish shapes. The combination of small lines and chic velvet blazer collars are a statement that emphasises the trend for next season.

How To Wear Velvet?

You must be  wondering how to incorporate this autumn’s trend into your wardrobe and achieve the same regal aesthetic with these easy-to-wear velvet accessories, including men’s fashion staples such as sneakers, boots, bow ties and scarves. Make sure you don’t get away with wearing anything made of velvet. Look for rich, luscious colours like navy-blue, deep purple, ivy-green or burgundy, with the most innovative one being gray. Gray is really in right now, not to mention the metallic look that it gives to velvet makes it an exceptional colour. You can wear velvet jackets with trousers of different cloth or velvet slacks with some other jacket.

This material only looks good if paired with pieces of different textiles, including solid ones like denim or tweed, softer ones like silk and even transparent fabrics such as chiffon or organza. What makes velvet work is the contrast between textures, whilst the colors comprising a velvet outfit should maintain approximately the same hues.

Velvet states the real Luxury Man. How impressive do these men look in midnight blue velvet suits.


velvet suits new york fashion week 2012


gucci velvet blazer for men

Gucci velvet suits

ryan gosling - wearing black velvet tux

Ryan Gosling wearing black velvet tux

tomford velvet, suits 2012

Tom Ford

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