The Alpha Box MSF - Male Grooming

The Alpha Box – a new subscription box for male grooming

Just last month a new company has come onto the scene of male grooming. The Alpha Box is a novel service which offers a monthly (or bi-monthly) box of full-size male grooming products to be sent to your front door.

The Facts About The Male Grooming Industry

According to Key Note (a leading market research company) the growing men’s grooming, fragrance and toiletries UK market is worth approximately £950 million and is expected to grow to around £1.1bn by 2015. This growth comes as more and more men are getting engaged in new products and seeing the benefits they provide. Just over 70% of their male respondents revealed that they “choose and shop for their own toiletries” in October 2011, compared to 60.4% in an early 2008 study by NEMS market research. Furthermore 49% of men revealed that “they had quite strong opinions on the toiletry brands they used” in late 2011, compared to only 1% in 2008. Ultimately there is a growing trend of men caring about what they use, and getting actively involved in what products they buy.

Where The Alpha Box Fits In

The Alpha Box’s “aim is to provide men with all the male grooming products they need in a convenient and personalised manner, while broadening their choice”. They do this by their 5 step procedure.

The Alpha Box MSF - Male Grooming


  • Subscribe: A customer subscribes.
  • Define: They indicate what kind of products they’ll never need e.g. a bald person doesn’t need hair wax.
  • Receive: They receive boxes with a minimum of 4 products carefully selected by the Alpha Box team each month or every two months.
  • Refine: Once they realise they love a certain product they put it on their “Alpha List” indicating how often they want it in their box.
  • Become… : They now receive their boxes with their specified Alpha list items and a reduced number of carefully selected products.

The idea of a subscription box for male grooming products has been done before for sample sized products e.g. Glossy box for men, Birchbox for men.

Birchbox Men- Male Grooming glossybox-men - Male Grooming Products

However a subscription for full-sized grooming products has never been done before, and provides a solution for lots of problems. Number one it removes the need to go male grooming shopping. Number 2 it removes the overwhelming experience of shelves filled with grooming products all claiming to be the best on the market, and allows Alpha Box customers to make simple, experience based decisions on whether they like a product or not. And Number 3 customers never miss out on products which they now know they love, which can happen when you’re trawling through the shop to find “your product” happens to be out of stock. This is because every product ever sent in an Alpha Box becomes available to be chosen on a customer’s Alpha list from then on.

To Find Out More

If you interested in finding out more go to The Alpha Box website at You can also follow them on twitter @thealphabox1 and like them on Facebook to hear their latest updates.