Accessories have evolved into more than just fashion statements. Today, people are looking for everyday accessories that provide functionality and convenience in addition to style. With minimalism taking the driver’s seat in terms of the aesthetic of devices and home décor, it’s no surprise that consumers want sleek accessories that follow these trends.

To make the search for sleek accessories easier, here are six that you need in your life.

1. Minimalist and Adaptable Wallets

With virtual cash exchange growing in popularity, consumers are looking for accessible streetwear trends that prioritize card holding over cash holding. With phones doing most of the work in digital exchanges, they need wallets that attach to their phones for easy convenience.

minimalist wallet

To prevent fumbling around in your pockets, look for a sleek yet durable wallet that’s designed for the modern world. Since the holidays are coming up, you might even consider looking up wallet gift idea that can provide you with inspiration as you make your shopping list.

2. Wireless Earbuds

Although beefy noise-cancelling headphones are still essential for music listeners, when you’re on the go there’s no better option than wireless earbuds. Apple made them famous, but now you can find them available from many different tech companies.

wireless earbuds

The goal of futuristic accessories is to improve your look while also maximizing functionality and convenience. With no wires, you can pop these in, hassle-free. Many also offer noise-canceling features for those missing their original gear. You really can have it all.

3. Minimalist Fitness Devices

From fitness rings to watches, there are tons of different fitness monitoring devices that won’t leave you feeling like you’re carrying a giant contraption.

Form-fitting devices that double as key fashion items rest on your fingers or around your wrist, so you can look great while monitoring your fitness goals throughout the day.

The sleek designs will not attract attention at work or distract you from completing your tasks. You can even pair devices such as smartwatches and rings to your phone to stay connected.

4. Travel Thermos Tech

If you plan on taking your coffee with you from home, you probably know that the ideal container to keep it warm in is a thermos. Don’t stop there, however.

There are LED travel thermoses with LED screens that display the temperature of your beverage. Now you can keep track of how warm your coffee is, so you’re not stuck with cold coffee too soon.

thermos with LED

Plus, lots of these are vacuum insulated, making it so your coffee stays hot for longer.

5. Mindful Breathing Necklace

Now you can keep meditation aids around your neck with meditation necklaces. Simply lift the cylindrical piece to your mouth and inhale a deep breath. Exhale when you’re ready, and there you have it: meditation whenever you need it.

These breathing necklaces can provide instant relief for anxiety during life’s toughest moments. You can always have this with you. Wear it as unisex necklace that doubles as a meditation aid.

6. Artisan Copper Bracelets

Artisan copper bracelets are the perfect accessory for any casual or formal look. As a conductor of light and energy, copper stimulates energy and is, therefore, much more than a material.

Mystics believe that copper contains properties that assist in the freeing of one’s mental disturbances and that it also functions as a relaxation tool. Best of all? Most artisan copper bracelets are handmade and unlike any other bracelet.

Whichever one you purchase is as unique as you are. If you’re looking for a bracelet with added healing properties, copper bracelets may be the right fit.

The Bottom Line

Today’s sought-after accessories are all about convenience and functionality. The next time you’re in the market for the perfect accessory, consider the above options for sleek, multifaceted options that make life better.