School classroom fashion for male teachers

Teachers – Fashion Tips As A Role Model

I was a primary teacher for many years and the one thing I was known for was my trend setting style. Does your image as a teacher impact these future little mites? Do they notice what you wear? Can it impact their learning? Does what you wear count?  In my professional experience the answer is simply yes. Trust me these kids have no mercy when it comes to teacher image.  I have to say for whatever reason, I noticed that teachers seem to end up being the worse role models when it comes fashion.  The common problem is for whatever reason they end up wearing clothes that reflect their classroom.  I think it must be something to do with the distorted four walls that they are in for hours on end. In most cases teachers are out of touch with the rest of the world. In all my years I can say I have witnessed the worse style icons on educational history when it comes to classroom attire. Be inspired and change your image now.

Your Image Counts

In reflection how many of us still talk about our teachers as adults. What we loved about them and what we hated about them. One thing is for sure, we always talk about the teacher who smelt, who wore no bra, let alone famous for bum crack syndrome and the teacher who was stuck in some kind of time warp era. The teachers who never combed their hair or wore the same clothes and shoes day after day,  in some cases year after year.

I get that you have to wear practical clothes for certain classes. But understand one thing, that what you do and what you wear, is being watched, scrutinized and imitated every single day. You are their role model for at least one year for seven hours a day. What you wear counts.

School Teachers for men what to wear

Classroom Blunders

Teaching seven year old children does not give you the permission to dress and look like one. I get it, colour and creativity counts, it’s what keeps them interested in you. So guys depending what school it is and the dress code, dress to impress and not don’t dress like a seven year old. Today we are focusing on main stream schools and smart casual is the aim.

Smart Casual Clothing

You can never go wrong with chinos and jeans.  They are versatile, make sure you choose to wear the right shape.  Make sure your t-shirt has no holes or offensive messages. Nice colouful sweaters and floral shirts are always a winner. Keep it smart, clean and simple, it’s not rocket science.

School Teachers for men what to wear

Male Grooming – You Stink

If your hair is long then keep it clean, tied back.  If your hair style is on the pristine side of things, then learn to embrace the male grooming side of life. Brush your teeth and be aware that in close contact with your students we do smell you and your breath.  Brush and floss your teeth after lunch.  Make sure you shower regularly and you don’t come to school with a face that has not been washed.

Tough Kids Tough Fashion

My final role as an educator was business development. So I had the pleasure of visiting over 300 schools around London. From Westminster Abbey to the hard core streets of one of the most deprived schools in London. Now there is one thing gentlemen I noticed helped with giving out a clear message to difficult children. Tough love equals tough fashion. To earn trust you need to understand your target market.

In some cases choose to be suited and booted to give out a clear message. You mean business, your ‘re in control and you have authority. You are the teacher they can trust and not mess about with. As a teacher you need to work out what these kid and you have in common.  So for example wear a shirt that may reflect their love for football or music. Trust me it’s a connection that will break down the barriers between you and them over time.

In my experience the difficult children were the ones that never got noticed at home let alone affirmed. They are wanting your attention and in most cases they don’t know how to get it.  The only way these neglected kids know how to get your attention is by pushing all your buttons in a negative way. You’re the role model now show them how.

Blazers – Jackets

The tight fitting blazer is a huge winner. It states you’re bang on trend but also goes with anything. Also bomber jackets and any other jacket are statement pieces on their own.  Juts choose what reflects you and your classroom image.

School classroom fashion for male teachers

Shoes Get Noticed

If you are not a gym teacher then don’t wear trainers in the classroom. If you choose to wear them make sure they are not old, knackered and smelly. Brogues and boots are always a winner and are very versatile as they match suits and jeans well. You can’t go wrong with Dr Martens. It’s fast and efficient getting up in the morning clothing you need. I know teachers work long hours and hard. Make sure you polish your shoes. Children are noticing your shoes and how you present yourself. For the tougher schools, I would go as far as wearing biker brogues. You’ re a teacher who cares but you step out of line, man let your boots do the talking. Tough love and image counts.  Just choose which one for which classroom that you are faced with.

School classroom fashion for male teachers  Dr Marten Boot Brogue

School classroom fashion for male teachers

Man Bags Power For Your Students

Kids always noticed bags and in reflection it’s a talking point to show them that you care. Man bags also reflects your personality and your softer side as a teacher. Trust me kids do buy bags that their teachers use. A child’s thought process towards your man bag is: “Man you’re cool, you’re in and we just simply want to be like you”. There are some cool edgy backpacks out there now. Who knows you may find a chocolate treat in there as a sign of respect on your man bag image. Kids love to give out badges and key-rings to teachers. So keep it clean trust me by the end of the year you will have a world promotional gifts stapled all over your man bags. It shows how much positive impact you’ve had on your students. Come on they took the time on their holiday to buy you something.  This is a perfect way to display to them you appreciate their gift.

The Best Most Impactful Job In The World

Teaching was the most impactful and challenging career of my life. These kids are our future and I was honored to set examples in the best way I knew how. On occasion I still run into my ex students and I can’t believe what they end up saying to me. That they remember Gracie Opulanza as one of  the style icon teachers out there. My image made a difference and they noticed it. They were inspired by what I wore and after many years still talk about it in a positive way. To all teachers out there you rock and your image counts.

School classroom fashion for male teachers

School classroom fashion for male teachers

School classroom fashion for male teachers