As the weather turns inevitably sour strutting your stuff with style and without developing trench foot in these harsher climbs can be very difficult especially in seasonal footwear. It’s at these times the superhero of shoes or more precisely boots comes out to play and just because its winter outside that doesn’t mean that in your socks its not spring, providing you select the right style of boot that is, so here are a few ideas to keep you well shod.

Black Chelsea Boot

Having more of a past than an over keen ex girlfriend, these boots have been a favorite since Queen Victoria’s shoemaker devised them in 1851.Far from being a load of old cobblers the style spread from royalty to ahem, well heeled socialites around the capital and the rest is history .They’re practical and comfortable with a laid back style becoming more notorious during the Carnaby street era being paired with anything from mini skirts to military jackets.

The same thing is happening today with black or brown variants in smart strong leather looking good with practically any outfit you can chuck on. Just remember winter takes its toll on footwear so keep em’properly cleaned and maintained and allow that fine patina to develop while you have fun on the town together.

Brown Leather Brogue Style Boot

Another classic that’s been around since before George Hamilton and although less traditional are still accepted in some of the finest fields and urban mulches nature can throw at them. Brogue boots are really robust by nature and their traditional construction and punched leather detail gives them a classic appeal that outstrips today’s fast fashion rivals. They can be worn with more classic clothing and look great with cropped woolen trousers or blazer.

Work or Utility Boots

Without wishing to sound smug, I’ve just buried a pair that after 22 years service finally passed away as the sole virtually disintegrated in the last hard winter .If I’ve learned one lesson its beware of imitations and if you don’t want steel toe capped goodness and diving suit weights on your tootsies and you want to stay casual yet workman like then check out brands such as CAT and Timberland that are light enough and durable for you to skip about in with jeans-shirts and casual bomber jackets.

Hiking Boots

Just like the Range rover, the humble hiking boot is totally acceptable in town or country emphasized by its acceptance to leading fashion houses as yet another cool expression of luxury with Hermes, Bally and Louis Vitton all having their own take on the design classic. Built just as strongly as any 4 wheel drive the butch exterior and multi layer breathable construction laughs at the elements but only pairs well with suitably rugged layers such as heavy jeans and rugged knitwear. Dinner jackets are definitely a no-no here with denim the order of the day.

Desert Boots

Shamelessly evolved for military use and beloved of men everywhere, the humble suede and crepe soled staple spread worldwide from the second world war Burma campaign evolving into the casual rascal we love today. Once weatherproofed properly they only need a sniff of sand to turn their owner into a potential John Mills. Sadly, suede isn’t as forgiving in rain and snow as other more traditional materials and a good treatment with suede protector and a decent suede brush is essential and can help them look good for longer especially if your idea of a trek is going to the beach shop for an ice cream. Works well with denim or for the complete desert look see the movie ‘Ice Cold In Alex’. Stay dry!