Big Tall Men Clothing – 8 Style Tips That Fit

Big Tall Men Clothing – 8 Style Tips That Fit


tall mens clothing

Big Tall Men Clothing

As a nation we all fit into industry categories, ranging from petite to plus size, but for men’s fashion it can often be a hardship to find clothes to fit, into the mentioned pigeon holes. As somewhat vertically challenged myself, there is often a severe lack of clothing, adapted for short men, without resorting to the child section, of a department store. Some may argue that with sizes beginning at XS and waists measuring 28’’ would be enough, but this is a wide misconception. Similarly larger build guys and taller men, are further excluded from the thoughts of designers and struggle to find clothing that not only fit, but meets a creative aesthetic. At least height does matter to women who find at attractive.

8 Style Tips That Fit

Larger build guys should follow the below fast tips, for an instant wardrobe overhaul. If you’re a larger build guy then the first step is to accept your shape and embrace that not everyone is designed to be the same athletic build. It’s good to make steps to pursue a healthier lifestyle, but beating yourself up about your current weight, will only lead to a negative mind set and it’s neither healthy nor constructive. To choose big and tall mens clothing, choose clothes that fit you now, not how you want to be, as jersey tees as an example, can be most unforgiving, if worn too tight. It’s important to get to know your shape and build a realistic impression, of the canvas you are working with.

  • Don’t make the mistake of buying clothes in sizes, that are excessively  larger than your actual size, as this will only draw further attention to yourself and will scream potato sack, as opposed to ‘well-dressed man’. I’ve also found that crew neck tops are often set in very high and give the illusion of a boxy upper body, so opt for a V-neck to add a point of difference and some shape, to open up the face and neck area.
  • If you have a rotund torso then chances are shirts will tend to ride up and not sit well, when tucked into your waistband. This is because as a rule in clothing manufacturers, they work to what is known as a standard specification, which can at times be short in the body. This is because in manufacture a lot of time is put into lay planning, to get the most out of the fabric consumption. Try buying shirts that are labelled as ‘tall’ as these will have a lot more tolerance in the fit and also a considerably lengthier specification.
  • Find trousers that fit at the largest part of your body and have them altered to fit the rest. Wearing trousers set too low down, will only highlight a pronounced tummy spilling over. Ensure with all trousers you wear a belt and wider the better, to offer support and give your clothing security.
  • Vertical stripes work wonders as an optical illusion for slimming and streamlining. Ensure that the garment you buy with this print fits correctly and your eyes will do the rest.
  • Taller guys as mentioned will also face obstacles, but below is a list of concise tips to eradicate these:  When it comes to tailoring a taller guy has the torso to work jackets shapes, such as the classic double breasted, which will give shape and more creative licence than an ill-fitting classic blazer.
  • Patterned shoes are a welcomed addition to your wardrobe, as it will create a secondary focal point, add interest to your outfit and draw attention away from your stature.
  • Shorts are often fitted to standard measurements, so a regular fit on me for example, will look like hot pants on a guy considerably taller than me. Invest in 3 quarter fit shorts and have them altered to the desired length to avoid the above.
  • One of the most important hurdles to overcome is gaining a strong silhouette and it can be hard to achieve with off the peg clothing, without resorting to bespoke made pieces. To avoid this I would be much savvier with your shopping and bulk buy basics, from low price point stores and have them altered to fit. That way factoring in the alteration costs along with the garment cost, will likely match the price of the same top but in a mid-tier store, while achieving the desired fit.

I really hope all of the above helps and allows you all to have body confidence, because let’s face it, life is too sort to wallow in self-pity about what we are NOT rather than accepting what we ARE!



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