SUPERDRY – Lifestyle Trends For Summer

SUPERDRY – Lifestyle Trends For Summer

Summer has come early for SUPERDRY fans in the UK. Thursday was the hottest day of the year so far, with the mercury hitting 26.6C (79.8F) in London, and Friday is set to be even warmer across the country with temperatures reaching up to 28C (82F). So what better way to kick off the soaring heat than to have fun in the sun with your mates. On occasions like this where the mood is as hot as the sun, guys across the UK are pondering what trends they can showcase both morning, noon and night. The effortless cool collection of menswear right now is all about floral statement pieces alongside showing your bodywork of art.

SUPERDRY SS17 The Night Is Young Collection

On this occasion I have chosen SUPERDRY SS17 The Night Is Young collection, which is all about trending sleeveless shirts and everything young and fun. Capturing an audience that is on a mission to just let their hair down and go with the flow. The key here is who you choose to hang out with and what locations rock your boat. As an Australian there is nothing worse, sweating in the sun but not looking good at the same time. So it makes perfect sense to opt for everything over-sized and choose clothes that do not cling to your body. Light denim works well in this combination. As for the material choice, cotton is perfect for summer.

SUPERDRY over the years has always maintained a fun, carefree vision towards fashion and its following. Going into the stores no matter what the season, seems an adventure in itself. This is the reason I like this SS17 collection, it does not take fashion too seriously and there are plenty of options to mix and match. This way you end up with a nice summer capsule wardrobe.

California State Vest Top

If flaunting your biceps and tattoos are your thing, then the California State vest top is the way to do it. For those hardcore SUPERDRY loyal customers the statement is bold this summer. Hiding nothing and showcasing your personality. I travel to Asia a lot and it’s great to see a brand embrace this culture. Keep your shorts neutral and let you and your sleeveless shirt do the talking. This is all about having fun and being young, even in California.

SUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For SummerSUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For Summer

Mustard – Solo Sport Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Mustard is not an easy colour to trend, but in summer you can’t get it wrong. The timeless solo sports crew neck sweatshirt is always going to be a winner. I like the leather logo tab on the sleeve, a nice unique touch. On this occasion team it with roll-up denim shorts, rock it with some cool shades and lounge around and take in the view. Whether it’s a lady or a man, who cares! Life is what you make of it and people are there to explore. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover.

SUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For Summer

Colourful T-shirts All Year Round Low Roller T-shirts

These versatile Low Roller T-shirts can be worn at any time of the day. The loose-fitting design is all about mixing and matching camo or floral shorts. The understated appeal is why these T-shirts work with any colour. What I like about it, is the SUPERDRY logo which is nice and subtle.

SUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For Summer SUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For Summer SUPERDRY - Lifestyle Trends For Summer

This summer is about living each day as it comes. Not taking life too seriously and treasuring those very relationships. Getting on a bike or going for a hike, it’s all down to you and trending your personal style.

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