Muscular Men – Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

Muscular Men – Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

Being a thirty-something ‘metrosexual’ male working in an industry where presentation matters I find it a complimentary essential to keep up my fitness. After all, a man who is meticulous about his appearance usually means he is probably just as meticulous about how he conducts business. Well, something like that anyway.

There is no doubt that we live in a time where self-image is paramount in a society that celebrates those who are lucky to be genetically gifted in some way. I can’t change my teeth, my nose or my height unless I am willing to resort to putting myself through expensive and painful cosmetic treatment. There is however one thing that I can control and change without specialist intervention and that is my overall aesthetical appearance.

The thought of pounding the treadmill or cross-trainer bores the hell out of me so I keep my cardio to a minimum. I opt for lifting weights instead because I get more of a buzz out of it. I enjoy the contestant challenges I place on myself to increase the amount I can lift.

I enjoy the variety of different exercises and the way I can manipulate my physique over time with a good training regime and a good diet.

Those of us that opt for the weights rack in the gym will know that maintaining sartorial elegance out of the gym can often prove somewhat difficult when finding clothes for the office. So here are my top five frustrations for muscular gentlemen when shopping for clothes:

Muscular Men - Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

The Gun-No Show

We all know that a brand sometimes has its own definition of what a small/medium/large is. Shopping for clothes such as casual short-sleeved and polo style shirts can be frustrating. For the Mr. Meatheads out there it is all about finding something that comfortably fits your torso and compliments all that hard work you’ve put in. The problem comes when the shirt fits your shoulders, back and torso just fine but you are left disappointed by the serious lack of fit around your now strangulated biceps.

Blazers and Jackets

Almost every muscled gent out there has experienced this particular let down on more than a few occasions. You find a blazer that you really like and, despite your pessimistic beliefs that nothing ever fits right, you try it on. There is always a sense of expectancy when you look in the mirror to find your shoulders protrude at the side’s way more than they should and the torso is so loose and baggy you could probably fit the shop assistant in there with you.

Muscular Men - Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

Living The Thigh Life

Having proportionately sized legs that compliment your physique shows that you take pride in your overall aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately, this usually means you will often find it difficult to fit your thunderous thighs into anything that remotely resembles the word “fitted” on the tag. This is all the more frustrating when you desire the fitted look rather than a straight-legged trouser.

Suit you Sir

One sure-fire way for muscled men who desire the perfect fit when it comes to wearing a suit is to get custom-fitted threads. The most expensive option is to visit a reputable tailor who will provide the most accurate measurements possible and should always guarantee a perfect fit. The other less expensive option, of course, is DIY tailoring which of course always lends itself to the risk of nervously waiting for two to three weeks for a suit that might fit horribly.

Muscular Men - Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

Collars and Cuffs

 If there has to be one universal frustration on this subject it has to be long-sleeved shirts. Keen lifters will unintentionally develop thicker necks, no question about it. Factories tend to use overall average measurements when producing shirts which are no good if you need to wear a shirt with the top button fastened. What usually follows is a shirt that fits comfortable around then neck and about two-too-many inches of shirt cuff dangling from your hands.


The above frustrations are but just a few for the most muscular of the male species out there. I guess the obvious question would be “why don’t you just stop working out then?”. My response is a simple one I once read in Exercise Habit by Jim Gavin

“The easiest way to stick to an exercise program is to find a sport that complements you.”

I think it is high time we saw more high street retailers out there to cater more for ‘muscle fit’ clothes which I have noticed does seem to be happening lately. Just not quick enough! In the meantime, I am pleased to say that I will soon be experiencing MenStyleFashion’s first-ever bespoke suit fitting experience to alleviate some of these frustrations so watch this space for my review guys…

Muscular Men - Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations

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