Pocket Squares Guide – How To Fold One

Pocket Squares Guide – How To Fold One

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Pocket Squares

Accessories make an outfit. This is a well known fact. Whether its a pair of cufflinks, the material of your tie or a snazzy pair of shoes, what you wear with your suit makes it an outfit rather than just a piece of clothing. None more so than the pocket square. The pocket square brings your suit to life, with a dash of colour, its sartorial elegance and the tradition it brings to a regular piece of clothing.

At Fielding and Nicholson, British bespoke tailors, we offer a variety of accessories which bring any outfit to life. The pocket square should not match your shirt and tie, merely compliment it. If it looks good and feels right, then the chances are you’ve pulled it off pretty well! You do not have to go for a plain white pocket square. There are polka dotted ones, striped ones, even those that have strange textures to them. If you want it, the chances are there is someone out there that sells it. A pocket square should be present as a finishing touch, rather than the entire focal point of an outfit – it does not need to be folded into exciting shapes or spanning out across your suit, merely making you look complete in a smart sense.

You do not blow your nose on a pocket square. If you need a hankerchief, keep it in your trouser pocket, not on show from your breast pocket! Also, if the pocket square makes your breast pocket bulge too much, the changes are you either need a smaller one or you need to refold it. Whether you think your pocket square is dressy or casual, really there is no such thing as long as it goes with what you are wearing. There is no harm in wearing a gingham pocket square with a very smart suit, as long as it looks right! Now that you have the finer points into wearing a pocket square, please see below to learn how to fold it correctly.

How To Fold a Pocket Square

Pocket Squares - Hold to Fold

Pocket Squares For Men


Pocket Squares For Men

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