Style File – Return Of The Rock Star

Style File – Return Of The Rock Star

Style File: Return Of The Rock Star

Looking through the history books, it´s fair to say that ´Rock Stars´ possess the energy, freedom and glamour that fashion demands to live on. A perennial champion of this cause and the sweetheart of Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane (the man who successfully revitalised the company by reinterpreting youth cultures, codes of conduct  and rules for urban inspiration.) It´s fair to say that Mr Slimane has taken ´Cool Hunting´ taken to the highest degree.

A champion of the cause, Hedi regularly casts musicians (from the bohemian and hipster to the classical model boy and grad ball sweetheart) to appear or ´star´ as he likes to put it in his campaigns. (A far cry from his previous ´Boy Safari´ castings on the streets of London City.) As a current collection of muses, more recently he has been turning his attention to Alex Turner, singer of the Artic Monkeys and Miles Kane.

Following on from the success of this trend Saint Laurent has so solidly established, Andreas Melbostad presented a collection comprising studded and stencilled leather vests and biker jackets adorned with ´Race to the Grace´ for his latest offering for the Diesel Black Gold Resort collection.

Then, the Colombian maestro Haider Ackermann reworked his signature ready to wear vision and took it way over the spectrum into a dark and edgier place. Spring ´15 saw Haider giving us black vinyl pants and silk sashes.

Then, Undercover’s Jun Takahashi paid homage to downtown New York’s ´proto punk´ scene by cladding his latest menswear offering with the cover art from Television´s Marquee Moon album.

Off the runway and onto the street (and party circuit) all the guys and girls of the moment are striking a similar trend with their eclectic (think Kurt Cobain on his day off) ensembles. Grungy Nirvana t-shirts with black shredded jeans and huge, raw black boots nod back nostalgically to the era of VHS.

The rock star image however, is just as much about the attitude as it is about the clothes, which is why we are still secretly in adoration of Keith Richards and his style some 35 years on.


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