Bow Tie – Stay Cool & Wear Them In Summer?

Bow Tie – Stay Cool & Wear Them In Summer?

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Bow Tie

It seems the history of the black Bow Tie has had a revamp. Why wear a Bow Tie during summer? The common occasion in wearing a Bow Tie is mainly for weddings and special evening events. So wearing a dark or black Bow Tie seems out of place and far too heavy for summer.  The new inspired dashing Bow Tie in floral fabrics have opened a new way of wearing them.

Why Own A Bow Tie

They are a fabulous gift for all occasions. They don’t date. When you wear them it just brings a great smile on everyone’s face. They are clear personality winner. Men once you get tired of them don’t fret. Why? The collections are fantastic this summer and us women can wear it too.

How To Tie A Bow Tie



mens summer bow tie men



Who says you can’t wear a bow tie in summer?

pink,Studded, mens Bow Tie


How cool is this?

floral-bow-tie,-men,london liberty

London liberty

dotted bow tie

Dolce and Gabbana


When you have had enough of your bow tie, us girlie’s will take over

Bow ties men summer 2012,

Be cool this summer with your bow tie

Bow tie for men summer 2012


Have fun with your bow tie this summer, including your mates

bow ties 2012

No excuse for buying a summer bow tie

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