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Talk us through your highlights so far about your career?

That’s a good question but very hard to answer. My first blog Les Garcons de Glasgow had a huge following in Scotland and really became a moment around 2009/10 – that’ll be a time I never forget and is the reason I started on the path to where I’m currently at.

My 100 Beards, 100 Days project was so well received that I’m now known as ‘that beard photographer’ to many. I’ll never forget my first fashion week season after the project launched and the number of people who approached me to ask if it was really me behind the blog. When the first edition of my 100 Beards book sold out in 6 weeks I was very grateful.
It’s always nice getting recognition and winning Photographer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards was also very special.

Taking shots of men at events what are you looking for?

At events, it’s about capturing a mood or a moment. It’s best to keep things natural so it’s always nice to catch a genuine laugh or eyebrow raise. Events are social so it’s always good to get a group of gents, especially if they’re well dressed.

You recently went to D&G opening store event? What was that like?

This was the launch of last seasons London Collections in their new menswear Bond Street store. The store itself is beautiful using traditional design like oak panel walls mixed with technology. I also love that they’ve included an in-store barber. It’s great to attend events like these because the whole menswear community comes out and as I was there as a guest rather than working it meant I could really relax.

You dress so well as a photographer at these events. Why do you do that?

Thank you for the compliment. My style is very simple and usually quite practical as it’s necessary when working. I’ve been interested in fashion since I was very young, so wearing clothes that reflects my personality is something I’ve always done. I only ever wear things I’m comfortable in, that look tailored or interesting.

What’s your favourite shoot so far regarding men’s fashion?

It’s had to pick just one as I’ve done so many but shooting Dent de Man’s first lookbook was fantastic. The brand have made such a huge impact on menswear since and I still love the resulting images.

What’s makes a good shoot for you?

There’s an indefinable mixture of the planned and the fortuitous. I like to get as many details pinned down as possible pre-shoot, while still leaving an open mind for life’s interesting mistakes to occur. Undoubtedly, it’s the team of people you work with who created great results time and again.

Most high profile person you’ve taken shots of?

I’m not interested in celebrity so I often forget who I’ve photographed. The person I’ve photographed who I most admire is probably Bill Cunningham – he’s a living legend and also a real gentleman.

Favourite pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe?

My Duchamp London three-piece (worn to the D&G event), American Apparel tees, B Store linen tailored trousers, COS roll neck sweater and Spencer Hart wool overcoat. Also couldn’t go without my Oxblood Clarks Oxford Shoes.

What advice do you have for those wanting to get into the industry of fashion photography?

Love what you do, study the Greats, get practical experience.

Most challenging shot or shoot you’ve done and how did you get through it?

I’ve done many shoots in awkward locations with the most dangerous being on a rooftop 8 floors from the ground that I very nearly fell off. The most challenging thing is probably shooting street style though. It’s easy to get a photograph of someone wearing nice clothes but capturing a moment that looks beautiful, inspiring & editorial with no idea of who, when or where it may happen is the biggest challenge and one I embrace fully.

How should a man pose for street style shots?

He shouldn’t pose.

How many shots does it take to complete a fashion shoot?

There are so many factors involved in this – I could take 3000 images or 30. If there are many factors to contend with (weather, many models, working with animals, changing light) then I tend to shoot more to be on the safe side.

What fashion label would you like to do a shoot for and why?

In terms of actual collections, I personally love Stefano Pilati and would love to be involved with the next Ermenegildo Zegna campaign. As a London boy, I’m fully immersed in the menswear movement here, so I’d actually love to shoot for some of the brands making waves – Baartman and Siegel, Matthew Miller, Agi & Sam or E Tautz.

What’s your advice to the guys who has lost his will to dress up let alone well?

We live in a world where your exterior gives an impression of who you are or who you want to be. If you want to be respected, admired or carry yourself with self-belief and confidence, then the right clothes can make a huge difference. Know your audience and know your environment.

London Collections:Men what was your highlights and why?

The over-riding highlight from the season was it’s strength. The energy on the street was palpable. As it’s the third seasons brands have more support, more finance. London is really on the menswear map. In terms of shows, I loved Jonathan Saunders presentation and was proud to be covering street style for Mr Porter.


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