Much like how fashion trends have changed over the centuries and decades, the style, dress code, and fashion in the casino world has also changed drastically since the beginning of the gambling days. Dating all the way back to the 17th century when the first casino was launched, it’s no wonder that the fashion has evolved with the times and changed as much as it has while also keeping some sense of familiarity from casino to casino, year to year.

Throughout the years, the fashion and dress code at casinos has always been influenced by the location and activity in the area, unless it’s an online casino which of course then requires no dress code. If you’re looking for a reliable online casino, you can check this out here. Most casinos have a general dress code that one should follow but they have definitely changed throughout history to suit the time and place. If you want to know what was worn back then and what is more suitable to wear now when visiting a casino, continue reading.

The Fashion Of The Past

Starting all the way back in the beginning, with the first casinos being launched sometime in the 17th century, there was a particularly strict dress code of sophisticated formal attire for anyone attending, and even more peculiar is that those participating in table games had to wear a 3 cornered hat and a mask while making a bet at the table. Although this may have been what was required back then, it’s definitely not recommended to do that nowadays as you might just get kicked out for being suspicious.

Moving forward to the 19th century, there was a divide between social classes. There were those who went to saloon type casinos, which had recently become more popular, typically dressed in the western fashion of ruffles and corsets, and of a lower-income class, and then there were those who when to the fancier places, dressed in formal attire and comprised of those members of society who seemingly have an abundance of disposable income.

In the 1920s there were massive restrictions on alcohol and gambling which meant that everything had to go underground and become secret. All over the place, casinos have moved to secret venues that one would most likely only hear about by word of mouth. Although it was all quite glum, it was still the roaring twenties which meant that when going to a casino one would be dressed in what is considered “Gatsby Fashion”, with the well-tailored suits and the sparkly dresses.

What Is Worn Today?

Today’s casino fashion is pretty straightforward. While most places have a relatively strict dress code, meaning you will not be let in if you infringe on the dress code rules, they are far more relaxed with what is worn now than in the past.

It is recommended to dress relatively formally to keep up with the appearance of the casino and its industry, although it is most likely not a requirement. Some places might even allow you to rock up in jeans and a t-shirt but you will never go wrong with at least a formal blazer over your outfit to jazz up your look a bit and make you seem a little classier. There is no need to rock up in a full suit and tie but keep it business casual and you’re all set to go.

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What Not To Wear

Although these days, casinos are a little more relaxed on what you can and can’t wear when playing at their venues, there are a few items of clothing that you should absolutely avoid when going to a casino.

Flip-flops and sandals are more of an outside shoe, meant for a laid-back or more relaxed environment. They are an absolute no when it comes to going to a casino.

Try and avoid wearing sneakers when gambling, although they may be expensive, most of the time they don’t really suit the vibe that a casino is going for.

With the same sentiment in mind, you should also stay away from ripped or dirty clothing. This can be off-putting when going into a casino and you see everyone well dressed in fancier clothes.

And lastly, although a casino may have a more relaxed dress code, it is important to remember that a casino changes its vibe from day to night and when you intent on gambling after the sun has gone down you should probably dress in your formal wear and put the jeans back in the cupboard.

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