Every man has to own a couple of chino pants in his closet. These pants are semi casual and can be worn in diverse numbers of places. They are comfortable to wear and can be worn along many kinds of shoes like boots, loafers, converse or formal shoes. The thing about chino pants is that it gives you many options to wear your pants with. The number of pockets are enough and so it is safe to carry a number of items and gadgets. Chino pants are cool to rock on the weekends when you are out to play golf with your buddies or are just in chilling mode. Many celebrities wear chino pants on the streets and events.

The Advice

So what can you choose to wear your chino pants with? Well the answer is whatever you like. Chino pants go along with almost everything that is in your closet.

  1. You can choose to wear chino pants with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, or jackets. It all depends on you and the weather. All you have to do is to match the colors and patterns of your attire.
  2. When buying chino pants you should consider buying the ones which can accommodate most of your tops. It is always good to have a look which people will know you with and chino pants are quite good to give you this identity.
  3. The best colors to purchase are the shades of brown, dark colors or you can go bright. Bright colors like blue, pink, and orange are accepted but be very careful not to look like a clown. So consider pairing the bright chinos with less brighter sweaters, blazers or trench coats. A hat can complete the whole look.
  4. When wearing them with your shirts you can decide to tuck in or leave it free. When tucking in, it is good to match the belt with your shoes.
  5. Wear chino with your polo or casual fitting shirt.When wearing it with t-shirts, consider your body shape. Everybody likes a man who dresses well.

Chino pants allow you to play around with accessories which you cannot wear when you are in an office wear. They allow you to wear many kind of bungles and neck pieces that make the look complete. However you can choose to go simple by not wearing accessories at all.

Man Wearing Chinos man wearing chinos 2 man wearing red chinos