Hats For Men – Etiquette, Where Are Our Hatittudes Gone?

Hats For Men – Etiquette, Where Are Our Hatittudes Gone?

loc union square rally 1912 check out all the hats

A hundred years ago in 1912 men didn’t leave home without a hat. Boys wore caps. See the image above.

Why did men stop wearing headgear in mid century America? The turning point, most people say, was John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. Before Kennedy, all presidents wore top hats on their first day at work. Kennedy brought one, but hardly ever put it on. Fashionistas say Kennedy, one of our most charismatic presidents, made hats un-happen. And, chronologically speaking, after JFK, guys everywhere, even balding ones like astronaut John Glenn, went topless.

Are hats dated for men? How can we bring back the fabulous hat trend back for men? When should you wear a hat?

What Hat To Chose

Wearing a hat is generally determined by type of clothing or the face. Each hat is unique to determine a person’s attitude.

  1. The colour hat you choose should come down primarily to the type of clothing you tend to wear on a daily basis. For example, those who work in the professional sector and are looking for a great winter hat for daily wear should consider wearing a hat that is neutral in color, which can be paired with a variety of different types of clothing.
  2. Those interested in wearing more stylish attire will do well by purchasing a hat that is neutral in colour; shades of black, brown or beige come to mind, and can be very attractive.
  3. Choosing a hat made out of the right fabric for the right season.
The only way we can bring back the hatittude is by setting examples of when and wear to use them. Be inspired by the fashion icons below and make sure when greeting a lady you take your hat off.
sandro dolce and gabbana hats - D&G
This is how every men should wear a hat
Men wearing hats
Mada Uomo Autunno Inverno mens hat
Embrace the hat
Brad Pitt summer hat 2012
Brad Pitt,summer-hat-2012
Hat for men with prints and brown stripe
Don’t be afraid of different prints
Men wearing hats in Florence
Embrace colourful hats this summer like these gentlemen in Florence
mens hat,royal ascot 2012
The main event you will see men wearing hats is at Royal Ascot 2012
johnny depp wearing his favourite fedora hat
Johnny Depp loves the fedora hat. Why? Because it suits his face.

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