Claudio Mariani – Trousers Made In Italy

Claudio Mariani – Trousers Made In Italy

Claudio Mariani has  20 years of experience in the textile industry in Italy.  The production of garments is made in Italy using the finest of quality materials. There is no compromise regarding the fabric, the atelier, or the high-quality attention to detail used to create a collection.

The passion for tailoring is represented by creating high-quality items that feel and look very classy.

For the creative inspiration, they are located in the province of Salerno, among the landscapes of the Monti Picentini and the beautiful Amalfi and Cilento coasts.

The digital world has redefined what men choose to wear in and out of the office. Your trouser choice is all in the detail.  For a perfect fit and comfort, Claudio Mariani understands the importance of craftsmanship, and diverse fabrics used. Whether you are opting for wool trousers or linen their use of cutting-edge machinery is part of the production itinerary to get excellent results.

For the final touches, the ateliers available on hand will take care of every stage often carrying out some hand-sewn finishings so as to offer to our customers the distinctiveness of a hand-crafted garment.

The end result is perfect comfortable fitting trousers.

Claudio Mariani - Trousers Made In Italy Claudio Mariani - Trousers Made In Italy

Summer Linen

Summer is here and to withstand the heat the trousers materials consist of outer fabric 100% Linen. The choice of colors varies from Positano orange, blue, beige, or brown all made in Italy.

For comfortable pockets, they are 100% made from cotton using a beige tailored pocket lining. For robust and long-standing endurance the buttons are 100% Bottonificio Padano horn buttons.

Other materials used are cucirini Rama yarn, perfect for the summer heat.

Claudio Mariani - Trousers Made In Italy

Positano Fit 100% Wool, Four seasons

These stylish regular jogging fit, are the perfect trousers for all year round. They are made from wool which feels great and long-lasting. For a stylish finish, the 2 outward facing front pleats are a nice touch. The 2 round American front pockets with 2 back welt pocket with no buttons, one small right pocket, give it a practical element which also maintains that stylish finish.

The elastic waistband and drawstring within the fabric are perfect for losing or gaining weight.

Claudio Mariani - Trousers Made In Italy


Alongside the trousers, these unisex flat cap which is made from cotton and linen are the perfect accessory. Regarding masks, the anatomic filtering mask which comes in many colors for both adults and children are made of 3 layers using sanitary cotton and nonwoven fabric.

Claudio Mariani - Trousers Made In Italy


Claudio Mariani trousers are the perfect staycation or work from home trousers. They look fantastic with shirts, t-shirts all year round. The attention to detail is second to none and that Italian quality we all know and love is why Claudio Mariani is the brand to invest in. Protection Status

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