Date Dressing – Our Top Casual Tips

Date Dressing – Our Top Casual Tips

Its that first flourish of love, your eyes have met across a crowded chat room and you’ve cultivated a like-minded friendship that hasn’t made you look like a stalker and you’ve decided to take things a step further by indulging in the most dreaded of internet actions, You’ve proposed (no not like that, well not yet) a date and the prospective lucky person has accepted. The big question now is what to wear.


Summer in the city

A full-on daytime urban exploration is likely to see you in and out of several locations whether it is a park or art gallery and clever layering is important. A classic cool white shirt teamed with casual well-fitting jeans or chinos can hide a multitude of sins especially teamed with stylish leather trainers or slip no’s and a casual mid-length jacket or lightweight trench coat. Let’s be honest if the weather turns inclement, you have an intimate cover under which to cultivate a romance to rival ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.

Date Dressing - Our Top Casual Tips

Dinner Forget

You’ve carefully researched the venue, polished up the credit card and ready to sally forth confidently with the feedbag on. A nice meal for two and some pleasant conversation. What could possibly go wrong? Well, you could show up in cricketers whites and pads, but not recommended so how about a classic fitted suit? Classic two-button notch lapelled in the de rigour colours of navy, black or grey teamed with a white button-down shirt and smart shoes. Note: Just don’t cramp the image by loosening your belt for the after eights.

It’s not a contest, just by looking smart you will hopefully inspire confidence in your partner to relax and feel less tense when you finally get around the small talk and discuss the merits of last nights darts match. If the weathers too warm the favourite chino and blazer combination can come into play. With a blue oxford shirt and brown brogues or loafers and plain knitted tie just in case. A good quality pocket square and slim profile quality watch will add some bling.

Theatre Or Cinema? You Choose

If dodging the chewing gum and spilt cola is your thing dodge the mess by looking good yourself. Casual dates comprising of blue jeans or chinos and button-down shirts can look very smart especially in this environment teamed with good boots in brown or black. If not venturing too far from the car park or subway maybe a cheeky neck cardigan would be an idea for brownie points especially if your partner has ventured out into the chilly evening with a shorter-sleeved blouse, shirt or dress. Think ahead and be the wrap around the hero of the hour.

Groom With A View

Don’t panic it´s not that kind of groom! Ensure your personal hygiene regime is as impeccable as your manners with hair, beard and nails neatly trimmed and don’t travel with a vapour trail behind you; use subtle fragrances that are not overpowering and if in doubt asking a brutally honest friend for their opinion isn’t a bad idea either you don’t want your date retiring to the powder room to don a gas mask. Good luck, be confident and above all be your sartorial self.

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