David Beckham – Go It Alone in Men’s Fashion

David Beckham – Go It Alone in Men’s Fashion

David Beckham- Motorbike fashion 2013

David Beckham’s football career on the field is over. But where does he go from here? He could go into coaching, but to me it’s obvious. He should work in the fashion industry and this is what he should do. There needs to be a massive re-vamp when it come to automobile and motorbike fashion. I’m talking about anything off the track.

When you do this create your own label David Beckham. Ditch all the other labels because it’s your name that sells. What you wear sets trends all over the world. If there is one thing most men are all about, it’s anything fast, sporty and dangerous. Go it alone.

HD – Stylish Rider

I’m not talking about high definition. Harley Davidson name is so powerful that they never use models to promote. David you are just as powerful as HD. David you are the master when it come to motorbikes and looking very stylish. So create your own leather jackets. Make sure they are tested for safety and specific for riding motorbikes. Get your own boots bespoke made. Your own signature on them again all in the name of the stylish rider. Go nuts and I can’t wait to see what your helmet will look like? Make sure it’s black with your golden balls hanging about in some shape or form?

Superbike – Hoodies & T – Shirts

The superbike arena is full of guys strutting around in dated hoodies and T-shirts. Well David sort it out. Anything with chunky zips, angular cuts with quirky designs. As for the T-shirts I’m sure your tattoos will inspire you when it comes to hard rock t-shirt wear. These guys need someone with balls to go for the “off the track” fashion re-vamp.


There are a lot of guys that have no idea of the process it takes to get amazing tattoos. So David start your own tips on the process you used to get so many of them on your body. How to avoid tattoo shame.

Daddy Cool

More and more women are single mums due to many reasons. So guide the dads that are married or in committed relationships  Encourage them that all their personal needs can be met. Tell us your story of how you balanced being a dad, husband and football icon for so many years. It takes a man with solid balls to stick with one women. Well Done.

David told the world at his last game.

“I wouldn’t have achieved what I have done today without my family. I’m grateful for my parents’ sacrifice, which made me realise my dreams. I owe everything to Victoria and the kids, who have given me the inspiration and support to play at the highest level for such a long period. I also want to thank Simon Fuller and his team for their continued support”.

Hairstyles and Male Grooming

Anything regarding perfume, make-up or facials it’s yours for the taking. If there is one guy that can get rid of the stereotypical myth that men and male grooming is hotting up, then it’s you. Also with the many hairstyles you have had it is clear that getting and marketing your own hair products makes sense. Your hairstyles have a worldwide following.

Go It Alone

A lot of ex football stars end up going mad, depressed and go into self destructive mode. Due to living such a successful past. You have identified yourself from the moment you chose to wear the skirt many years ago. Now take the biggest challenge of your life and go it alone. I am talking about your own fashion label  Guess what I know who can help you there? REMEMBER BESIDE EVERY STYLISH AND SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE IS A WOMEN. SHE IS YOUR WIFE. YOU GUYS CAN AND ARE A FASHION FORCE NOT TO BE RECKONED WITH. THAT’S A GOAL WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

David Beckham – London Fashion Week

It comes to know surprise that he was lurking about London Fashion Week. I guess he is assessing what is going on around there. Finding his feet which can only be best described in his own words.

To be honest, I’m not an actor. I’ve been offered different roles over the years but for now, I’m sticking at what I’m doing,’ Becks explained.

Will David Beckham end up at London Collections: Men? Time will tell.

David Beckham and Victoria beckham at London Fashion Week 2013

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at London Fashion Week 2013

David Beckham- Motorbike fashion 2013

David Beckham- Hairstyles fashion 2013

David Beckham- Grey suits fashion 2013

David Beckham- leather jackets fashion 2013

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