Diamond Ring – 5 Steps For Your Bride To Be!

Diamond Ring – 5 Steps For Your Bride To Be!

5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring For Your Bride To Be

Guys should not be intimidated by the prospect of choosing the perfect engagement ring for their intended bride to be. There are 5 simple steps which every man should follow to help will guide them to picking the best diamond for that best girl…

Step One – Find Out What The Bride-To-Be Likes.

Sit down with her, and find out what kind of ring she likes. Discuss if she prefers a traditional or modern style. Look online and in reputable jewellery stores to see what is available and what the rings look like.

Engagement ring experts say that most women have an expectation in mind. Often, it’s based on how their girlfriends’ or mum’s rings look. The point is: do some research because I bet you’d rather a smile than a slap…joke…

Step Two – Size Her Finger.

It is not the end of the world (or of your engagement) if the diamond ring does not fit as this is correctable. However, it is nice to have that sparkling piece of jewellery slide right on the ring finger when she says “Yes!”

To ensure the correct size, simply trace the inside circumference of a ring the bride to be already owns. Or, the two of you can go to a good jeweller to get her finger accurately sized. But if you want to do it a bit more secretly check out this blog post. While at the store, she should try on some rings to see what styles she likes and also to see what looks best on her hand. Big settings may overwhelm the petite hand, and smaller stones and settings may get lost on a larger one.

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Step Three – Decide On A Ring Budget

While this may not sound romantic, the purchase of an engagement ring is a sizable financial decision. Make sure you and your fiance agree on a price range. Some wedding websites say that £5,000 is today’s average price for a diamond ring, but is that too high or too low for your budget as a couple?

Your future purchases, such as the wedding reception, a house and other start-up expenses related to married life, play a role in how much you spend on a ring. Also, engagement counselors advise couples to tread the waters of credit warily. In other words, don’t accept large lines of credit to buy a ring when other expenses are looming in the not too distant future.

Step Four – Use A Diamond Specialist With Quality Products

A diamond specialist, or pioneer like Laings, should willingly teach the consumer about the characteristics of a quality diamond. There are 4 characteristics to look at:

  • Colour. The colour of a diamond varies from bright white to yellow. The brighter and whiter the gem is, the better the quality is.
  • Cut.  This is the diamond’s finished shape. Popular shapes are the marquise, pear, round and square.
  • Clarity.  The GIA rates these from D to Z, with D being the clearest and least flawed. The D diamond will be the most costly.
  • Carat.  This speaks to the weight of the stone. One-quarter, one-half and one carat are common weights.

Step Five – Remember The Experience

Grooms should not be so nervous about the purchase of a diamond ring that they forget to enjoy the experience of it. Like marriage, getting that ring happens just once. So, discuss it with your friends, relatives and a good diamond specialist.

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