Dress To Impress: What To Wear For An Interview

Dress To Impress: What To Wear For An Interview

One of the most important things you can do at an interview is to make a good impression. As you know, your clothes are among the first things anyone sees and at an interview, first impressions matter. As a matter of fact, within the first few seconds, interviewers would have already formed an opinion of you, so it is essential that the clothes you wear help to create a good image. While researching the company beforehand and considering your answers to common interview questions are just some tips that can help you prepare for an interview, it is also best to consider what to wear too. With that said, here are some useful tips that can help you dress to impress in your next interview.

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Casual Clothes

Firstly, we will look into what you absolutely should not wear to prepare for an interview. You shouldn’t wear casual clothes such as jeans, shorts, vests, graphic t-shirts, etc. It is important that you wear formal and professional clothing such as a suit or soft pants with a tucked in shirt and tie, oxford or formal shoes etc. Many businesses have a variety of office dress codes including business casual, business formal, and casual. In the event that you are informed beforehand about the dress code for your interview and it is smart casual, then you can wear a button down shirt and jeans or even a blazer with a  plain t-shirt and dress pants. If you’re required to wear business casual, then you could wear chino pants along with a button down shirt with a tie and leather shoes.

You can also wear a sweater over your shirt if desired. Another way to add some interest to your interview clothes is to add texture. This can help you to achieve a well put together look that oozes class and sophistication. For example, if you’re wearing a blazer, you can opt for a textured tweed or even a corduroy blazer.


Another aspect of your outfit are your accessories. So, if you typically wear a lot of accessories such as rings, chains, bracelets etc, then you should avoid doing so for an interview. Instead, you should only wear one or two tasteful pieces such as a single ring or bracelet that goes well with your outfit. Why not even stand out with a stylish wristwatch? Whether you prefer Rolex or Breitling, there are certain ways you can stand out as an employee and this includes deciding on which watch to wear. Cufflinks are also another stylish fashion accessory that can really elevate a suit.

Next, it is important to wear the right type of colours. You should avoid bright colours or clothes that have a lot of bold prints. It is best to wear neutral colours such as black, brown, grey, blue, navy blue etc. These are all great colours that are suitable for interviews and can help you look professional. If you do want to add some colour or interest, you can do so through your tie. You can wear a statement tie that stands out a little, however, ensure that the pattern or colour is not too bold.

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