Luxury Suites Amsterdam – Luxury Location Royal Penthouse

Luxury Suites Amsterdam – Luxury Location Royal Penthouse

I know Amsterdam very well and I understand what this diverse city has to offer. When I am visiting Amsterdam, I am at a point where I want to be able to be central but not bombarded with loud tourists. This city attracts all sorts of people including Justin Bieber purchasing a 22 million Euros penthouse in Dam square. I have just finished a review of the family-owned Luxury Suites Amsterdam hotel. In spoke to Richard, one of the founders and a property tycoon for many years, He told me about the transformation of Amsterdam throughout the years. He understood the rare opportunity of literally knocking down a building and rebuilding his luxury suites. Richard explained that he wanted to create 25 very large suites, which is very rare in Amsterdam. In his own words “we won the lottery and we care about serving our clients as part of our own family”.

Luxury Location

I walked to the hotel from the central railway station, which if weather permitting I would highly recommend. As I walked through these famous canal streets I became very aware of exactly the luxury location that Luxury Suites Amsterdam was situated. I was literally a stone’s throw away from all the city highlights. The Royal Palace Amsterdam was about 700 m from Luxury Suites Amsterdam, while the Rembrandt House Museum was a 3-minute walk. There was fabulous vintage boutiques called Jenny De Jager Bis, a 5 min walk away. Guy’s there are some brilliant army memorabilia worth looking at. For the ladies, the vintage shop offered some very unique pieces of clothing, shoes and handbags.


Vintage Austrian Tiroler 1920s Hat

But at the same time, the location is a rare setting amongst the locals. The two views from my Penthouse from both ends were brilliant as a 25 carat cut Amsterdam diamond. So having a view of the Gassan Diamonds factory was enticing in itself to stay here. If you are considering purchasing diamonds, the Luxury Suites Amsterdam, have an exclusive relationship with Gassan Diamonds, in where you can have your very own private tour. Just ask at reception for more details.


View from my suite


View over the canal


Gassan Diamonds

Luxury Service

In entering I noticed a very internationally diverse staff. I met Wladimir Schrijver the manager, who literally witnessed the build over the years and was part of the completion stage before opening day. I could instantly witness that Wladimir had a passion working here and he set the high standard of making sure guest were looked after in a very relaxed way. All staff understood these values that the customer was there to be served no matter what. I would have to say this is also reflected in meeting both founders Richard & Jo – Ann Tol.




Chandeliers for me are just as exciting as well dressed men. So when entering, I had butterflies in my stomach. The reception area of any hotel is the very heart and soul of the visionaries themselves. Alongside this, I saw the grand piano, which I have not seen in many hotels. It was formerly owned by Richard’s mother which added another personal intimate touch to the hotel, reinforcing the family-owned philosophy. It was perfect to listen to whilst having a fabulous cocktail or three. The decor throughout the reception area was very calming, there were a lot of copper colours which this season is a huge must in any man’s wardrobe.

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Royal Penthouse

There are only 25 Luxury Suites and all credit to the founders, who chose to create large suites. This is not common at all in central Amsterdam, so if space is important then this is the perfect getaway. In entering the Royal Penthouse I was keen to see how large this space actually was. I was very impressed that they were true to their word, 70 square meters to be exact of luxury space. The granite fully equipped kitchen was an added bonus. So if you chose to cook you can. It was also lovely to have the facilities to make a nice cup of tea, let alone a Nespresso coffee.


The View

The view was stunning and throughout the day I took many shots. Please note the images are as I took them at the time, no Photoshop needed. If you choose to stay here and take some shots try my new hashtag #nophotoshopneeded, and make sure you include us in your social media post. This view was right under the leather working desk. So every 15 mins I just had to look up to be reminded where my new office was.


King Size Bedding

Did you know that the Dutchmen are the tallest in the world? So it came to no surprise to have such a large comfortable bed to sleep and get lost in. The bed linen was lovely and those endless pillows were a perfect opportunity to have a pillow fight during the night. There were two TV’s in the Royal Penthouse, one opposite the bed. It was so nice to be able to access my website on a massive screen. Make sure to download the app PressReader, so to be able to read digital newsstands with thousands of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines. When I left the hotel I still had three days of free access to read in my own language, up-to-date news.

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Le Chandelier

It was nice to see once again a chandelier in my penthouse, I loved it so much during the night I left it on. As I woke up every two hours it was a luxury reminder of why Luxury Suites Amsterdam, is certainly a place I would return too. The large sofa seating area was perfect to relax after a busy day walking through Amsterdam. The large flat-screen TVs with international channels and internet were an added bonus, I liked the international radio options.

luxury-suites-amsterdam-luxury-location-royal-penthouse-menstylefashion-5-1 luxury-suites-amsterdam-luxury-location-royal-penthouse-menstylefashion-1-5


My bathroom had a whopping 20 square meters of space overlooking the Gassan Diamond Factory. The massive bath was an added bonus. Those very tall people will have enough space to soak and splash around in. The shower was very tall and large and I liked the neutral tiles used throughout the suite. The toilet was separate from the bathroom as it should be.

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Food & Restaurants

Due to its fabulous location and its small size, the hotel decided not to have a dedicated restaurant. Luxury Suites Amsterdam offers a 24-hour service in where the staff recommends places to eat. The choice of cuisines in Amsterdam was endless. I had an option to eat breakfast in my room or down at the reception area. For those staying here for a few days, I would be recommending try both options.

luxury-suites-amsterdam-luxury-location-royal-penthouse-menstylefashion-27 luxury-suites-amsterdam-luxury-location-royal-penthouse-menstylefashion-21

Smokers Room & Bar Area

I am not a smoker but I thought the dedicated smoker’s room was a wise choice. Guests can enjoy the hotel bar and 24-hours reception access. It is a nice place to look outside and watch the boats, bikers, and locals pass by. Make sure you have a cocktail and ask for some live music.


Luxury Suites Amsterdam is less than two years old. It took ten years to build from start to completion. For me meeting the founders was an added bonus to understand the whole concept of a large suite-only hotel kitted out in a luxurious way. The friendly staff is what makes this hotel unique too, a place I will return to for my next visit to Amsterdam. The location is just stunning a rare luxury in itself, in the city center but not noisy at all. If you come by a car driving there is off-site public parking or secured valet parking, available for a surcharge.



  • Room reviewed: Royal Penthouse – from €598
  • Website:
  • Address: Oudeschans 75, 1011 KW Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 20 723 8300

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