Eccentric Bride – How To Choose A Matching Suit

Eccentric Bride – How To Choose A Matching Suit

Weddings in the modern day have changed a lot from what they used to be like. They used to be extremely proper, traditional and most brides and grooms dressed incredibly similar, no matter what wedding you were at. However, that is no longer the case.

Of course, there are still plenty of traditional weddings that take place, but there is an increasingly high number of more “modern” weddings. These are generally more informal, and the bride, groom and wedding party are generally dressed with a little more character and personality.

So, as a groom-to-be, what should you dress like if you have a wife who wants to dress a little eccentric and have an out-of-the-ordinary wedding? Well, this article will look at a few tips for dressing a little more unconventional for your wedding.

Eccentric Bride - How To Choose A Matching Suit

Consider Wearing Separates

When a man dresses for his wedding, 9 out of 10 times he is likely going to wear a suit or a tuxedo, depending on how formal the event is. However, with more and more of these “eccentric” weddings taking place, there is more flexibility with what you want to wear.

A popular choice amongst men is to opt for separates as opposed to a full-on suit. First, you should look for a blazer or sport coat that you like, then try and locate a nice pair of contrasting pants to pair with them. From then on, fill out the look with shoes, a belt, a tie and other accessories. You have a lot of freedom and customizable options here, so let your imagination run wild.

Of course, before setting anything in stone, be sure to make sure your choice of attire is okay with your bride and the wedding party, to ensure that you aren’t clashing with your fiance’s wedding dress.

Eccentric Bride - How To Choose A Matching Suit

Throw in Some Colour

Traditionally, brides will wear white at the wedding and grooms will wear a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. This has been the standard for decades, but things are starting to shift. In addition to the styles of clothing that are common to see on a bride and groom changing, so are the colours.

Colour doesn’t have to be reserved for the “post-wedding fun” anymore. A good example attire such as 3wishes  has plenty of brides and grooms are flipping the script and wearing a bit of colour on their wedding day. You can essentially choose any colour you like, so there is a ton of room for interpretation. Of course, there is no need to go overboard with the colour, but even sprinkling a little in can go a long way.

Eccentric Bride - How To Choose A Matching Suit

Start being your own, Dancing With The Stars groom, in bright pink.

pink menstylefashion

Look Online For Inspiration

The internet has seemingly changed everything about the world we live in, and this includes weddings. If you are looking for a unique approach to dressing up for your wedding, the internet is full of hundreds or thousands of different albums and photos that could provide you with information. Pinterest and other social media platforms are also a good place to look at great and unique wedding dresses and suits.

In addition to looking online for inspiration, you can also look inside yourself for personal inspiration for your wedding clothing. For example, some people will use their favourite movie, favourite TV show or add some other sort of personal flair into their wedding attire.

Looking online can also be for more than just inspiration. While shopping for wedding dresses and suits in-person was always the way to go in the past, the internet is changing that. There are plenty of online wedding dress sites that have a wide selection of beautiful looking dresses. And don’t worry guys, there are plenty of sites to buy suits from as well.

In conclusion, when you have a wedding or a bride that is a little more eccentric than usual, a regular and plain suit might not be enough. In that case, you and your soon-to-be-wife should work together to come up with what to wear on your big day. Hopefully, the tips and guidelines in this article can help you find the perfect attire to wear to the biggest day of your life.

Eccentric Bride - How To Choose A Matching Suit

Pink Tuxedo

Opt for a James Bond-inspired pink velvet blazer suit or a pink tuxedo. Or go all out with,  this combination of pastel pink tuxedo.

This is a sugar-pink tuxedo with satin lapels and a matching satin cummerbund over a plain white shirt accessorised with shiny black patent slip ons.

pink menstylefashion Daniel-Craig-No-Time-To-Die-2021

Dusty or raspberry pink looks fabulous with other colours. Is it not about time you stand out from the rest of the grooms in 2021? Come on we all have that Bond within in us. Protection Status

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