How Gambling Has Become a Lifestyle in the 21st Century

How Gambling Has Become a Lifestyle in the 21st Century

Has gambling become a lifestyle? It most probably has. Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you said “poker player” it would evoke thoughts of overweight cigar-chomping chain-smokers called Fat Tony or Mick the Greek.

Talking of betting per-se anyone that gambled in the 1970’s and 1980’s was often thought to have an addiction of some kind, they were degenerates and were best avoided. In this decade, however, if you have watched enough TV, you will envisage fit tennis looking types in their late 20’s equipped with expensive retro clothing and ‘peaky blinders’ style haircuts. How things have changed.

Such is the social acceptance of gambling in the 21st century it’s more of a case of the layman being unconventional if they do not bet on something not once but many times a year. The advent of lotteries which have spread from state to state and country to country sped up the process of lifestyle gambling as did budget airlines which help Las Vegas welcome almost 50 million visitors on a good year.

Legalised Sports Betting

Latterly there’s been massive deregulation and licenced gambling is spreading across America like wildfire. And there is also a gold rush in the UK and Australia where few major sporting venues and soccer teams are not sponsored or endorsed by a major online bookmaker.

And there’s that phrase, ‘online bookmaker’. The biggest catalyst in the evolution of gambling and its quick transformation into acceptable culture has to be the Internet. The bulk of online gambling, be it casino play or conventional sports betting, is done via the Internet. It is an enormous business.

Yet despite more people gambling than ever, there has probably never been a better time to be a gambler. More and more gamblers mean more and more bookmakers and, in a classic marketplace scenario, they are in a battle to attract the most customers and claim a bigger market share.


Competition Leads to Free Bets

In this battle to be amongst the leading online bookmakers, the marketing spend on promoting gambling wares has gone stratospheric – just look at the list of online casinos that offer their own gambling affiliate programs, such as Cbet partners. In fact, it has got to the point where online bookmakers really do give money away. This is done by sign-up bonuses whereby there are now free bets given away not for placing a first/qualifying bet but by simply opening a new gambling account that does not even require a cash deposit.

People often question how to choose the best no deposit offer as some have limits on potential winnings from your free bets. But this ‘something for nothing’ scenario should have no real boundaries.If you are a virgin gambler why not take all the no deposit free bet offers you can? Many of us did the same with free air miles offered by credit cards and by embracing more than one no deposit free bet offer you can book more than one trip which unashamed lifestyle gamblers will tell you doubles the chances of cashing-in. Protection Status

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