Equestrian Fashion – David Gandy for Massimo Dutti

Equestrian Fashion – David Gandy for Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti - David Gandy - Knee High Boots

My most popular article written almost a year ago is about the the epic knee high boot coming back into fashion. Up until now the variety for knee high boots for men has been some what challenging. Now if it’s going to be one man that will certainly entice you to at least give your trainers a boot and kick into some knee high leathers, then it’s Mr David Gandy himself. I have to say not a lot of men are going to pull the equestrian look off. But don’t panic photo shoots are all about enticing and inspiring you.

The Trousers

I’ve got to be honest here. I’ve tried to get so many men in these but they won’t even pick them up. So I figure a man needs to be told a story to entice him to at least give it ago. So imagine for just one moment Mr Gandy turns up at LCM in January in a three wheeler Morgan. He ditches his epic Modern Gandy suit and replaces it with an equestrian inspired look. Fashion caution take notice that the trouser style that David is wearing is highlighting all the right shapes of his masculine side. So make sure you don’t buy them too tight.

For me it fits the story perfectly. This classic equestrian look has and will always be presented in a fairy tale form. If all fails who knows he may turn up riding on a black stallion instead.

Massimo Dutti - David Gandy - Knee High Boots

The Boots

For me gentleman you need to ride these on their own. What I mean is that tall skinny legs won’t do you any favours at all. You see the benefits of going to the gym. I know guys but if your going to opt for the knees high boots then it’s tight fitted trousers all the way. Opt for black or dark navy, it’s more gracious towards your legs. Make sure you get your troops in for second opinions because not every man can pull this look off.

Massimo Dutti - David Gandy - Knee High Boots

The Jacket

Riding or driving in style is what this jacket states. The classic bomber jacket with a tad of fake fur just gives off an edge of class. I like how they have teamed it with the classic white tie and white shirt. Make sure you go for a tighter fitting style bomber jackets. It looks nasty if they are too big. I find you have to choose your label for the jacket to fit well. If you have a man’s gut, it’s the perfect jacket to hide it. You’ll have us girls flying towards you in know time at all.

Massimo Dutti - David Gandy - Knee High Boots

The Gloves

Massimo Dutti is a shop I’ve followed for many years. One thing it has done always well in are its accessories. Its designs state and impressionable image of class stylish pieces for men. Its gloves come with variety and colour that are always pleasing to the eye. I’m adoring its watches which I have to say its latest designs look a lot more expensive than they are. Gentleman Massimo Dutti always does great leather bracelets.

Massimo Dutti - David Gandy - Knee High Boots

This brand for the most part is very classic in its collections. There are staple pieces that you can always count on. It is certainly a lover of the dark navy shirts and anything leather. The shopping experience I find for men is calm. Its store layout especially in Barcelona is beautiful. It allows a man to enjoy his time to embrace and experiment with clothing. So it seems the story for now and this winter is that the Modern Gandy look is all about riding a horse or driving a car in style.

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