Dirk Bikkemberg - Thecowlickstudded blogger red suit

Dirk Bikkembergs Model

I always like seeing how bloggers or models evolve and from the first encounter with Dario a dedicated follower of MSF, I just had to talk about his latest shoot with Dirk Bikkembergs. Dario Monfortè fashion blogger talks us through the shoot.

The Shooting

Since my anniversary was approaching, I decided to work with Dirk Bikkembergs because I love this collection! In short, apart from the photos, my new short-movie will also be released soon. At the end we bloggers always try to establish a good relationship with brands, basically, Dirk Bikkembergs and I chose each other for this collaboration.

I am always happy to do a shooting. This was probably a little more challenging because these are not pictures of a simple outfit on the street but are real studio photos! However, I was not nervous since I was working with my own photographers Blandina Maria Rosa Mazzola and Paolo Blandina. I said OMG!!! Ahaha

The Accessories Used

The jewels are in the collection are pieces that are part of my journey of fashion bloggers and I wanted to wear them, since it is the anniversary of the cowlick studded.

Getting my hair like this does not take to long, I do this tuft for years! But for this occasion, there was a team of hair stylists working on it. The products used were exclusively Wella. Sabrina Teresi, my make-up artist is very good and fast and believe it or not, she was finished in 10 minutes and did a wonderful job in my opinion.

What Should A Man Own In His Wardrobe

Definitely blazers, leather jackets, skinny pants, bright colors and my beloved studs. The pants  used in this shoot are a must because they are so sport-chic! They can easily be worn during the day, but at night, in my opinion not as versatile. My other fab piece is the sweater with fur, because since it is so over-sized, you are convinced that you are walking around with a blanket haha and leather shirt is sublime.

Dirk Bikkemberg - Thecowlickstudded blogger fur coat
Dirk Bikkemberg - Thecowlickstudded blogger shoes