Nasir Mazhar Autumn/Winter 2016 – Black Is Black

Nasir Mazhar Autumn/Winter 2016 – Black Is Black

Over the course of the two days so far at London Collections Men it is very clear that black is back and black is black. Infact I wrote about this last month about black. The hero of black was Johnny Cash. There’s a scene in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line where the great musical raconteur walks into the offices of a record boss to be confronted with the line “What’s with the black Johnny?

You look like you’re going to a funeral.” Quick as a flash, the deadpan Cash retorts with that waspish country drawl “Maybe I am, maybe I am.”   Whether the line is real or used for cinematic effect matters not, it simply adds to the mythology of Cash and the all black attire which became an integral part of the man himself.

Whatever music moguls may think of Cash and his sartorial appearance, black isn’t just for funerals. Black is the colour of cool, it oozes sophistication and class, it screams rebellion and rock’n’roll. No matter the myriad of colours you see walking down catwalks, chances are, when the designer meekly pokes their head out from behind the curtain they’ll be awash with black.

Here in the UK, as the curve of summer reaches its zenith and we begin to turn our minds toward the colder months, black will come into its own more than ever. Watch the collection of Nasir Mazhar which was presented at London Collections: Men AW16 which is all about black.

Nasir Mazhar Autumn/Winter 2016 – Black Is Black

Imagining a club world of individual characters unified by darkness, Nasir Mazhar continues to find inspiration in varying shades of black.  Using the colour as a simple means of tying together wide-ranging experiments in shapes and textures, each outfit is otherwise treated as an entirely separate project. Here the creative freedom of Mazhar’s non-commercial, purely creative beginnings is recalled. Taking this approach for the second consecutive season, this shadowy interval of inward focus has been used strategically, as long-planned changes for the brand, are set to be revealed.

Has Darth Vader Returned for 2016?


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